“When You Have Your Own Kids You’ll Understand”

I feel like I need to clarify something from my last post.  Years and years ago when I was in high school, when I first started having problems with body image and eating, I was obsessed with reading very negative websites that actually promoted eating disorders. Can you believe that?  PROMOTED A DISEASE!  However, in my last post I did not specify the time frame of my obsession…which in turn made my sister start worrying that I was having problems recently…who called my mom…which made my mom start worrying…(I have a big italian family and we all worry about each other A LOT)

So I called my momma this morning to reassure that I was, indeed, just fine!  Of course she was understanding, but her famous quote is the name of this post, “When you have your own kids you will understand!”  Mom, I know you are probably right…I already worry about my little Tia all the time!

And I do realize that as bad my eating disorder was for me, it was also very very very hard for my family to go through.  You see, we are all connected in a way that if one of us is sad, then we all feel sad, or if one of us is happy, we are all happy!

I love you mom!

and I love you sista!

Speaking of my momma and also the fact that today is St. Patrick’s Day, I used one of her homemade soaps and it happened to be a green one today (mmmm…sweet pea).  I’m so proud of her for starting her own business, Soap It Up Gourmet Soaps By Di.  You MUST check it out!!! (By the way, I designed her logo!)

On a completely different note, I should find out if I made it into nursing school tomorrow.  I am so nervous and anxious!  I’m sure the envelope is probably waiting for me in my mailbox at my other house right now, but I won’t be there to get it until tomorrow.  Send your prayers!

Happy St. Patty’s Day…or better yet, as my husband told me this morning, “Happy First Day of March Madness Day!”  He is so excited 🙂



4 thoughts on ““When You Have Your Own Kids You’ll Understand”

  1. lovin’ your blog sis. i love you! and i am proud of you and i know you’re happy and healthy now. i do remember seeing YEARS ago the kinds of sites you were looking at, and that did indeed worry me. i love you so much and you are such a great role model!

  2. Great post today 🙂 I can breath easier, and I am RIGHT, you will understand when you have your own little precious ones! Especially if they anything like you and your wonderful sister!!!! Be happy always and I love you

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