What Makes Me Happy…Today

I’ve always felt like there is no reason to be a sulker.  Yes, it is okay to be sad sometimes, but why not be happy if you can be?!

So here is why I am happy today

Do you see those eyes?!

1.  My handsome hubby gave me the sweetest kisses before he left for work this morning. He has to work close to a fourteen hour day today, but he wanted to make sure I was going to have a good day.

My baby!

2.  How could you not be happy when this little princess is following you around all day?

3. I feel STRONG today.

I have had two days (so far) this week of super awesome workouts.  Sunday I was able to run outside for the first time (I’m kind of a wussy when it comes to cold weather), and I ran my long run of NINE miles!  I remember when I used to think three miles was soooooo hard!  I was also able to maintain a nine and a half minute mile pace the whole time!  The only bad thing was that I ran on a track, so it got a little repetitive and boring…36 laps…around…and around…and around. Nevertheless, I’m SO proud of myself for accomplishing that…I’ll be ready when it’s time for my half marathon!

Yesterday I lifted weights.  I used to hate lifting before, because I thought it was hard and boring, and to be honest, I didn’t like the feeling that I was getting “bigger.”  I’ve grown to love lifting now, and I especially LOVE that I feel so strong and I can see the difference in my body.  I have biceps now! (They are very mini-biceps, but hey, they’re there!)  Since yesterday was also sunny and warm, I decided to go for an impromptu jog outside and I took Tia for a walk.

So, even though these things did not happen today…they are still making me happy and proud today 🙂

4.  Pink, sparkly nail polish.  Wouldn’t wearing this put you in a happy mood, too?  I haven’t painted my nails yet, but I plan on doing this today!

5.  This is something else that happened over the weekend, but that is still making me happy today.  During my whirlwind of a weekend, I had scheduled a recovery speech at the hospital where I was treated for my eating disorder.  I am a terrible public speaker, but I decided to start giving recovery speeches because I needed to make something positive out of my experience.  I’ve been giving speeches occasionally for the past four years now (WOW)!  This time my husband came with me for the very first time…so I was super excited, but very very very nervous!

There are so many good songs on the radio right now that I decided to make each of the patients a mixed cd with empowering, uplifting, and motivating songs.  I’m in LOVE with this cd! (Here’s one of the songs on it…the sound isn’t that good, but I liked this video because the lyrics are on it!)

I also put an Operation Beautiful post-it on each cd.  I love Operation Beautiful!

So…that’s why I’m happy today!  What makes you happy?



3 thoughts on “What Makes Me Happy…Today

  1. Okay, I will comment. 🙂 There are many little things that make me happy on any given day. Today, it is the warmer weather and the sound of my three boys enjoy each other’s company! Early this morning, I was happy doing my wii fit for the fourth day and seeing that I have made progress! Being greeted this morning by each one of my boys with a hug and a “Good morning, Mom!” It is knowing that no matter what life brings me, I am able to push forward through tears, laughter, hugs, smiles, and knowing that I am loved. I may not be the best at everything, but who says I need to be. I am the best me that I can be, and, for today, this makes me happy! Life is good and so are good friends and family!

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