I am gearing up for a busy, busy week!  It all started yesterday afternoon, as I drove into town to do some shopping.  I don’t shop very often because I’m pretty “frugal” (although I would love to do it more if I just had more money…someday).  I bought my sister some super cute Betsy Johnson earrings for her birthday…

…and I bought a new purse and some running capris for myself!  I don’t think I’ve ever owned an article of clothing actually made for running…I just always wear t-shirts and sweatpants or shorts.  I am so excited to wear them…I am going to wear them this Saturday at my second ever 10K race!

After shopping I met up with my beautiful little sister to celebrate her birthday (a little early).


I gave her the earrings and we went out to eat at Chilis.  I just LOVE Chilis…probably because I am in LOVE with salsa and Chilis has an excellent salsa!

She is gorgeous! {Notice the new earrings}

After dinner and drinks we went back to her new apartment and enjoyed even more quality sister time.  I feel so lucky to have such an amazing sister.  She is just about to finish her Masters in Social Work; she is beyond intelligent and she has a heart of GOLD. She goes after her dreams, stands up for what is right, and is one of the most loving people I know…to her family, to her friends, to her clients, and to complete strangers.

When we’re together we like to reminisce…

…and make new memories.

…and sometimes just be silly.

{Where did that comment come from?}  My eye was red and swollen because of allergies, so we made a make-shift eye patch with a folded up wet paper towel, ice, and an elastic headband…sorry…no pics.

What a fun night we had.  I just love her so much…love you Boo{zer}!

So what’s in store for the rest of my week?  I’ll be working a lot, I’ll be going to meetings with advisors for different nursing schools, I’ll be finishing up my final workouts before my race, and I’ll be running in my race on Saturday!  I am so excited to be able to write my first race recap soon!



3 thoughts on “Boo{zer}

  1. So funny about the chili’s salsa and chips, I wish I would of known how amazing they are, Mike and I went to chili’s last weekend and we did see everyone getting chips and salsa, at first Mike thought they were given to you free because Everyone had them, but of course I told him no they are not, and now I know why, they are good! I will get them next time!!

    You and your sis are beauties!!! Glad she had a wonderful birthday!! Cute pics of you guys when you were little!

    Have a great week!! Excited for you on your first race!!!

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