One Day, Sixteen Hours, and Fifty-One Minutes

According to the official Rock the Parkway website, my next 10K is in one day, seventeen hours, and twelve minutes!

I am so excited and nervous all at the same time.  I was having a hard time sleeping last night and part of it was because I kept thinking about the race.  I’ve been going a little easier on my workouts this week in order to “save up” my energy and muscles for the big day.  I have a good feeling about it!

I have a goal in mind, and I am nervous to say it out loud (or publish it on here), but I feel like if I do make my goal known, then I will be more determined than ever to make it reality!  Sooooo…with that in mind, I would like to complete the race in under sixty minutes.

The last 10K I did on March 5th (which was also my very first 10K ever!) I completed with the unofficial time of sixty-three minutes.  It was a small, quaint race around a golf course, and it did not have chip timing or anything fancy. However, it was super hard because it was extremely hilly with changing terrains…grass, hay, mole hills, concrete, and goose poo…{yuck!}  Since I do the majority of my training on a treadmill, I was not very well prepared for all the different variables that my feet and poor pretty shoes were experiencing!

Here is what the Rock the Parkway course will look like for Saturday!  No goose poo in sight!  Yay!

This will be my last race before my first half marathon.  I have been training for my half for the past ten weeks.  I never thought that I would be capable of completing 13.1 miles before, but now I feel like I can do anything!

Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Novice Training Plan

I have made a few variations to this plan, but for the most part I’ve stuck right with it!  I completed my longest run of ten miles last week (in 95 minutes…not too shabby).  I cannot wait to run my half on April 16th with my amazing friend Casey.  We will rock it, I already know!

I am already wondering what I will do after April 16th…I mean, I’ve been working all this time to be able to complete a half marathon…so what happens when it’s over?  I asked my husband this, and without even hesitating he said, “Well, you will run a full marathon.”  I love that he believes in me so much.  We will just have to see about that 🙂

Uh oh…now its only one day, sixteen hours, and fifty-one minutes away!



7 thoughts on “One Day, Sixteen Hours, and Fifty-One Minutes

  1. good luck!! you will rock it. i used and love that 1/2 marathon training plan – i used it for my first half and it definitely looked like yours with all the notes and modifications on it.

  2. Omggg girl you and your mans are ADORABLE! I saw the pictures and I agree, they are like the movies:) Good luck on your half!! I am so excited for you, you are probably going to be a million times faster than I am haha

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