Training For the Olympics

After my race on Saturday, I had to text or call everyone I knew to let them know how I did.  When I spoke with my mom-in-law later that day she asked me if I came in first.  I asked her if she was joking…but she was completely serious!  I told her no, and that the first place runners  probably would come in under forty minutes or so.

Later when we were talking, she kept bringing up the race and saying how amazing she thought I did.  While I felt I did amazing too, obviously not as amazing as she thought…

You see, she thought I ran the half marathon in fifty-three minutes, but I ran a 10K in fifty-three minutes! She asked me if that meant I ran a quarter of a mile in one minute…she had been bragging to all her co-workers all morning about it!

Oh Donna, I would definitely be an olympian if that were actually the case…I’ll start working on that!

If you can't tell, this picture is fake. It is a very poor photoshop job of cutting and pasting my head onto the body of a real Olympic runner.




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