My Friday Favorites!

I have missed blogging!!!  My to-do list is a mile long, and unfortunately, studying Microbiology and going to work has been higher on the list than blogging 😦  Don’t worry, the test is Monday, so I’ll be back to blogging everyday by then!  It is crazy that my site is not even a month old yet, but blogging has turned into somewhat of a meditation for me…a part of the day that is just for some “me” time…a time when I can share my thoughts instead of keep them deep down to myself…a time when I can talk about my past and look forward to my future!

In all the joyfullness that Friday’s bring, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite things…right now…

Favorite Number One:

Coffee!!!  I haven’t been drinking coffee very often lately…mostly because I always forget to make it in the morning or all my coffee cups are sitting in the sink…dirty.

Un-fav: the Microbiology textbook under the coffee…definitely NOT one of my favorite things!

Exhibit Number Two:

Tom’s Shoes! For every pair you buy, Tom’s will give a pair of shoes to a child in need!  What could be better than that?  I got these for Christmas and I haven’t been able to wear them very much, but I’m busting them out today! These are a pair that I would love to have!

Un-fav:  price. (But at least it’s for a good cause!)

Favorite Number Three:


Not necessarily the taste (even though it is pretty tasty), but I’m loving the smell of honeydew. Particularly honeydew soap by Soap It Up, Gourmet Soaps By Di.  (I happen to be a little biased because the owner of this small business is my momma…but her soaps really are amazing!) I also want to buy the Honey, Do! {what a cute play on words!} scent for my Scentsy burners.  The smell of honeydew is just so fresh and makes me sooo excited for summertime!

Favorite Number Four:

My date with Yogurtini today!  Yum yum…coconut soft serve with tons of fresh fruit and chocolate chips on top!!!

Favorite Number Five:

I am loving all the support I receive from all of YOU on my last post!  You never know how you will be perceived when telling a story about your past…especially when it is about a controversial subject like eating disorders.  I am not ashamed of my eating disorder, but it can still be challenging to talk-or blog-about it.  Thank you for ALL of your support!


2 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites!

  1. Angela I wish I could yogurtini twist with you today but I have pink eye. Both eyes are a mess. The coconut is my favorite too. BUT they did NOT have coconut on my last visit which is weekly. I love coconut, chocolate chips, marshmallow cream and shredded coconut. It’s making me sad to type those delicious words. Have fun and think of me.
    Love, Aunt Terrie

  2. are you going to buy those pink toms??? i want sparkly ones so bad! when i get married my bridesmaids will be wearing sparkly toms. hopefully you dont wait that long before you get some….

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