Prepping For My Half!

I can’t believe my half marathon race is tomorrow!

I will be running the "Wickedly Fast Half"...dont know how wickedly fast I'll be!

I have been training for this race since the beginning of the year. It is crazy to think of all the hard work I’ve put into this!It’s finally complete!

There are a few extra things I am doing to prepare for the race…

I’m using my Soap It Up cherry soap for good luck. I have been saving this soap for a special occasion…I think now is a good time!Cherry is my favorite smell so far!!!

I am making a special race playlist! Some of my favorites so far:

Maintain the Pain by Miranda Lambert, Born This Way by Lady Gaga, Love Shack by the B52s, Whip My Hair by Willa Smith, I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany (that one’s for you sis!)

I am carbo-loading!I am hydrating!…and I got my “pizazz” ready!I can’t run a race without a special hair piece from my Mamzies!

And hopefully I’ll be getting plenty of sleep tonight!

Wish me luck!!!



10 thoughts on “Prepping For My Half!

  1. RUN ANGELA RUN….You are in our thoughts and we know you will do GREAT!!!! We meaning Bob, Chase and I. { I am keeping them updated.}

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