Love and Baseball

Do I love baseball? No…I’m sorry, I don’t. It consists of nine long long long innings, sometimes more if it is tied (i.e. the 13 inning high school game I sat through last week). There are so many secret rules I won’t even try to understand. (Infield fly rule? The husband has explained it to me about a hundred times, yet I still couldn’t tell you what it means!) And I get in trouble for calling runs points.

I find it pretty boring to watch baseball games on television, yet we pay extra to have a special sports package from our cable company so that the hubs can watch the Royals spit out another under 500 season. And don’t even bring up listening to baseball games on the radio…worst. thing. ever.

But my husband loves baseball and so much of our relationship has revolved around baseball. 

Before me and Matt were me and Matt, I had only been to one baseball game, and I was probably about seven years old and obviously more concerned with cotton candy and nachos than the sport of baseball. Almost exactly ten years ago now, I started going to watch Matt play. I loved every second watching that boy play sports.

And, many of our dates were spent going to baseball games. I will admit, it is really nice to sit at a baseball game on a beautiful, sunny day…like on our third year dating anniversary. We spent the weekend in St. Louis doing some touristy site-seeing things. There were no plans of going to a baseball game…until Matt realized that it there was a Cardinals vs. Cubs game in town.  Of course it was sold out, so I had my first (and only, thank goodness!) experience buying tickets from a scalper named “Chicken.” I’m serious, he said his name was Chicken. It was scary.And we have dinner club outings at baseball games.
And now, as we are settling into life as an old married couple, I don’t have to leave behind these memories of baseball with my hubby or seeing 6’8″ wearing cute baseball pants. I get to watch my him as he is becoming an amazing baseball coach. (He’d probably be embarrassed if he knew I was blogging about him!)
And I sit and watch like the proud wifey I am! And I can pretend that we are back in high school and I’m wearing his letter jacket 😉

So…I guess I do love baseball.



3 thoughts on “Love and Baseball

  1. the Royals might just might –maybe Might have a over 500 season! its possible-probably not probable (HAHHA) and I am in the same position as you are Rob loves baseball LOVES LOVES it, its right up there with his motorcycle…………and every game I have sat thru in the past four years the Royals have never won– I was beginning to think it was me, the ROyals are really winning now and I think I should stay home, what do you think?????

  2. I can definitely relate! I wasn’t brought up in a sports obsessed family and now the hubby and I have season tickets to the Washington Nationals – who rival the Royals for under 500 seasons! Isn’t it fun to realize that things you hate became things you love because you do them with the one you love?

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