Here I Go!

It has been decided.

I am going to run a full marathon!

I’ve created my eighteen week training plan based on Hal Higdon’s novice training schedule. I finished day one today! (Monday’s are the easiest…just lifting and stretching!) My legs still aren’t back to 100% since my half last weekend, so I’m going to take this week pretty slow and easy. I’m so excited to have something to push toward again!

The finish line just felt to good.

Why wouldn’t I want to feel like this again?!

26.2 miles! I’m going to do it!

I will keep you updated on my journey…I can’t wait!!!


8 thoughts on “Here I Go!

  1. That sounds awesome! I tried Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning and had great success with my first and only marathon–at least compared to my 5K PR (not other faster runners). Also, seriously, you might want to consider an online coach–I would highly recommend Kevin Beck (–he is awesome and prices are great. There really is a difference having someone watching over your training carefully–and he works with Pfitzinger on a coaching site. Very detailed/obsessive type person. I wish that I had hired a coach years ago for my first marathon, when I was still young enough to have a chance at faster paces. Anyway, if nothing else, check out that book also and stick with your plan!!

  2. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I am sososo excited for you1!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to follow you through your journey, especially since i JUST finished my 18 week training plan (my marathon is this weekend — ahhhh!!!)

  3. You are a rockstar!
    I think its awesome you are going to do a full marathon, especially after how much you loved your last race and first one it was, right?!

    Can’t wait to follow your journey love!


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