Tia Knows What Time It Is

Exhibit 1: The hubby cleaned our little duplex this weekend. Yes, he cleaned it! I woke up from a nap and Wah Lah, it was clean!

Tia's "toy box"

Exhibit 2: Tia is ready for some fun!

It's time to play.

Exhibit 3:

No more clean house.

Exhibit 4: These are Tia’s favorite toys.

Tia's monkeys. The first one is actually a squirrelbit (half squirrel, half rabbit...in case you didn't know.)

Did she pick any of her monkey’s to play with? No.

Exhibit 5: She must know, just like her daddy, that the weather is getting warmer, and it’s the perfect time for golf.

Her toy of choice!

Like father, like daughter!

Putting for birdie!

If you haven’t seen this morning’s post, please check it out and share your running advice! }



5 thoughts on “Tia Knows What Time It Is

  1. Just a teensy tinsy suggestion, “wah lah” is actually “Voilà” (the French word for “there it is”) ‘Just helpin’ you beef up your French a bit 😉

  2. My dog does the same thing with her toys. I put them up and she goes back takes them out of the basket and walks away. She doesn’t play with them, but they can’t be in the basket. haha

  3. you are adorable. everything about you. i love your blog. we should have a little dog playdate soon. (plus too little boys)
    love you.
    p.s. if you would have said voila…i wouldn’t have known what the heck that spelt! lol. i don’t know french either.

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