I’m so excited! Alaina from the Sweetness of Life blog tagged me with the Stylish Blogger Award!

I’m so happy that I got this…as a new blogger, sometimes it feels like no one really reads my blog in my little corner of the world, so it is nice to know that there are people out there reading! I don’t know how stylish I am, but I’m still excited to get it!

The rules of the “Stylish Blogger Award” are:

  1. Say seven things about yourself.
  2. Pass on to other bloggers.
  3. Contact them and let them know you have done so.
So…number one: I’m crazily, happily, still head-over-hills after being together nine years married to the man of my dreams!Number two: This said man of my dreams is very tall…almost a foot and a half taller than me. I am pretty short though, 5’3″…although that is kind of tall for my italian family!Number three: When we are 90, he will most likely be hunchback and I will probably have severe low back problems due too much time spent like the above picture (and mind you, I am in four inch heals!)

Number four: I am obsessed with Yogurtini!Tart blueberry and berry soft serve, strawberries, blueberries, mango, chocolate chips, and coconut…Heaven!

Number five: I am a SoleMate for Girls on the Run! I have raised $260 so far. I am so grateful for all the donations that I have received already, but I would really like to go above and beyond for this organizations. It is just amazing.

Number six: I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed with the word amazing. I probably use it at least twice in every post.

Number seven: Operation Beautiful is one of the reasons I was inspired to start blogging…and I think YOU are amazing!Β 
Now it’s time for me to pass this on to other bloggers! Ready, set…..GO:

My beautiful cousin Kelsie blogs at HappyMonday.
Katie who blogs at HealthyDivaEats.
Allison at PickyEatingRD.
Carly who blogs at CarlyBananas.
And Jenny at FitnessHealthandFood.

Number eight: I love chips and salsa…too much…but I don’t care. I want some right now, but I think I used all the salsa two days ago. Maybe I’ll just go to the store. I just thought you should know that about me.


10 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. wow, your husband is SO TALL! my fiance is 6’3″ and i’m 5’4″ and i thought our height difference was a lot! you guys have us totally beat.

    p.s. your wedding photos are gorgeous!

  2. Omg you are so sweet and so freaking adorable !!!! I love the wedding pics! Your hubby is so tall!!! Love it! You know Im a shorty italian girl too!! My fiance though is not much taller than me, no heels on my wedding day, ha!!!

    I think it is so sweet to have true love! We are blessed girls for sure!!!!!

    Thanks for tagging me!!! Love u!!!!

  3. WOW he is so much taller than you! It reminds me of my parents because my dad is 6’8 and my mom is a shortie like you, only 5’3! Big difference P: Your dress was beautiful (:

    I really enjoyed this post! I am so obsessed with fro yo . I don’t know how I’m going to survive without a fro yo place in my hometown now that I’m back for summer 😦

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