Book Club Update!

I’ve gotten a lot of response (mostly through e-mail) about my book club, and I am so excited to get started!

My momma is ready to start…she’s already started reading!

Tia is even ready!

I will start the first discussion next Tuesday…I think this will give everyone enough time to locate the book (I got mine at my local library, and my mom found hers at Borders for only $5.99! My sister got hers on her Kindle!) and begin reading! If you think we need more time, just let me know…remember, I’ve never done this before, so I am open to suggestions!

The first book club convo will be over the introduction and the first chapter The Girls in the Photos. Keep track of any questions you may have for the group as you read or any key points you’d like to talk about on here! I will do the same!

Again, invite anyone you want to join in on the conversation…I’d love to hear everyones’ opinions!

See you on Tuesday!!!



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