A Moment In Time

Yesterday I came across something that caught my attention. My old prayer notebook.5-28-06

Dear God,

Until this morning, I hadn’t prayed very often. In difficult and stressful times, I have found it hard to turn to You when that is all I should’ve done in the first place. I want to put my full faith in You. You put so much beauty in the world, God,  please help me to open my eyes and see it. Lord help me to find and realize the beauty that is in myself. Please help me find the strength to get past these hard times. Please Lord, look over my family and friends and let them know that they don’t need to worry anymore. Let them know that You are taking wonderful care in me. Please take away their pains and struggles. Let them realize the beauty in the world. Your warm sunshine and gentle winds soothe me and make me feel peace. Help others to feel your peace, too. And Lord, please help me to trust in You and keep on trusting in You.



Dear God,

Almost five years later, I just want to say thank You for listening.



7 thoughts on “A Moment In Time

  1. How beautiful : ) I say a prayer every day, just to myself, but I always say the same thing, thanking god for giving me another day and how thankful, grateful, and lucky I am to be able to have amazing family and people in my life!

  2. Ang, your blog is fantastic! i just added it to my blog list because i’ve been reading it so much lately. You know what, it makes me feel great and encouraged to read it each time. Love hearing what you’re up to!

    PS remember this? Mock…yeah! Ing… yeah! Bird.. yeah!

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