Sheila and Kelly

If you are often guilty of not stretching enough (like me), stretch while reading! You can easily do a leg straddle stretch with a book out in front of you, pigeon pose, or butterfly stretch. Hold each stretch for one or two pages, then switch. Give it a try!

This week we read about Sheila, the “vivacious, flirty, bubbly, and busty” girl from Ames, and Kelly, the “disarmingly outspoken” girl from Ames. Both of these girls’ stories make my heart all happy inside, and at the same time they are very sad.

It was fun to read about Sheila, and to keep this lighthearted, my favorite part was when they girls recalled an old letter of hers which talked about Ted Stoner, “‘He is definitely 2320123!'” Sheila seems like such a fun friend for anyone to have.

It is incredibly sad to hear about, or read about, a person dying at a young age. I remember watching the movie about the Notorious B.I.G. and how he died, and I felt so sad watching it. I never even liked him or listened to his songs, but it just seemed like it wasn’t fair that he died so soon. I feel the same way for Sheila (I bet she’s never been compared to Biggie Smalls before!) She obviously touched each of the other ten girls’ lives in such a big way, that she probably would’ve made a big impact in many other peoples’ lives as well, had she lived longer. But, her story just reminds me that everything happens for a reason, and her story reminds me to be grateful right now for all the people and opportunities in my life (P.S. I’m grateful for you!)

Questions: Have you ever lost anyone who was very close to you? How did you deal with the sorrow? How do you remember and celebrate his or her life today?

So far in my life when someone has died, I have felt more sorrow for the other people who mourned them. I love my grandpa and grandma dearly, more than I can say, but when my grandpa died, I felt so sad for my mom. I wanted to take all her pain away. The same goes for my grandma…I love her so much, but all I could focus on was making my dad happy again. As I get older, the fear will always be there that I will someday lose someone very close to me…that’s just life. Like the Ames’ girls continue to do, I think it’s important to talk about the lost loved ones in order to continue to celebrate their existence and to deal with the sadness.

Now on to Kelly! Kelly definitely seems like someone who would be fun to be around, but she would probably make me nervous (sorry Kelly!) I still want to compare Kelly to my sister, Maggie, even though she doesn’t think so. They are not literally alike, but have so many of the same qualities: outgoing, good writers, passionate about certain issues, good at making me feel nervous.  Sometimes when I’m around Mag-pie (and more so after a couple of drinks) I think, oh boy, what is she going to say?! An example comes to mind…when she was staying with me in my first apartment and some guys came to the door to invite us to a party, they asked her what her name was, she replied, “Maggie” (duh), and they said, “Maggot?” She then replied with some words that I won’t write on my blog :), but I remember I slapped her for it! But she typically says something that everyone else is already thinking but don’t have the guts to just say it. I admire her for that! I also admire them (Kelly and Maggie) for the fact that they are so passionate about many important issues. Change for the better is only possible when there are people like them behind the cause.

Questions: Are there any issues in the world today that you are passionate about and willing to fight for? How do you advocate for them?

I’ve never been one for politics, therefore I never used to think I was really passionate about change…until recently. Now I feel like one of my reasons for being is to advocate for eating disorder awareness and to promote positive body image. I do this by writing this blog, by being a SoleMate, by giving recovery speeches, and by example. These are just small things, I know, but if a whole bunch of people are passionate about the same thing, maybe one day it will make a difference. One can hope!

I also admire Kelly when Zaslow talks about how she didn’t write about a famous hero when asked to for her English class assignment. It was such a bold move, and even though her teacher didn’t appreciate it, I think it actually says a lot. I do wonder, though, if Kelly would have an answer for that today.

Last Question: Who is your heroine?

Duh, my momma and sister! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Sheila and Kelly

  1. I feel the same way you do about the people we have lost. It was so hard trying to comprehend the pain mom and dad felt when they lost grandpa and grandma. Reading about Sheila also made me very sad. I felt like I related to her with her boy-crazyness. Death is something that I feel anxious about already, and reading about such a young woman dying the way she did made me so sad and anxious to imagine such a short life. I love that you mentioned B.I.G. because I felt the same way when I watched the movie……I didn’t even know beforehand that he was going to die (I know, where the F have I been?).

    An issue that I have become passionate about in the past couple of years is helping women who have been commercially sexually exploited. I think it is an issue that very few people know about or understand. I try to advocate for these women through “spreading the word” and informing others about the issues, but I know I don’t do enough. I am also passionate about social services in general!

    And of course, you and mom are also my heroines!

  2. Unfortunately I have suffered loss as my sister committed suicide in 2005 and my dad died of colon cancer in 2007. I definitely didn’t always deal with the sorrow so well, especially after my sister died. Eventually you just realize that they want you to be happy and live your life and you do the best you can to move on and appreciate the family you’re still lucky to have and each day you’re lucky to live. I think of both of them often but particularly when I’m participating in activities they would enjoy or I’m running and off in my own world.

    I am most passionate about promoting health and self love! 🙂

  3. What chapters do we read next week? I sent you an e-mail with my response…soo EXCITED for next weeks response! LOVE reading this with you and your blog community! Thanks for sharing yourself with us Angela! You are a true inspiration to soo many:) xoxo

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