Stop and Smell the Honeysuckle

Last night during the fitblog chat on Twitter, we discussed tools that are used to help reach our goals. I use a printout of my training plan for my marathon, and I have it hanging on my refrigerator. Each day when I complete my workout, I put a star next to it and write down my run time.
Unfortunately, it turns out that life doesn’t always fit perfectly into a standardized marathon plan. Plus, I usually like to “play” a little more on the weekend, which wasn’t working well with my Saturday long runs. I was starting to feel like I was slacking…crossing out my scheduled workouts instead of giving myself pretty little stars. So, I re-worked my marathon training plan around my work and social calendar, and today happened to be my long run…eight miles.

It was a beautiful morning…I love that the weather is warmer and the sun is shining…perfect for an outdoor run! I suited up and started running…and pretty soon, only a mile and a half into it, my lungs were a’burning and my silly hip flexors were tightening up. It probably had a lot to do with this:

Hills. Me and hills are not BFFs.

It was a rough run. I ran slow, and even took a walk break. However, I’m very proud that I finished, and it only helped me realize I need more hills training and more training in the warm weather. Adios treadmill.

I didn’t allow myself to get down because it was a rough run, instead I reminded myself how lucky I am to be able to run and chase this crazy goal of completing a full marathon. I was also able to enjoy some new smells of summer for the first time this year:
Honeysuckle! The smell of honeysuckle reminds me of when I was a little girl playing with my sister and aunt. It just makes me happy!

I also made a delicious little snack yesterday that hit the spot for my post run snack.
It consists of cut up tomatoes and cucumbers, sliced onion, fresh squeezed lemon juice, a dash of olive oil, a dash of water, sea salt, pepper, and onion salt. It is a lot like an old recipe my mom makes, substituting the olive oil and lemon juice for vinegar. I’m not a fan of vinegar. 🙂 You should try it!



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