Megan and Angela

As I am reading The Girls From Ames for my book club, I am constantly being reminded of my childhood best friend, Megan, and it is the perfect time to write our chapter. I’m pretty sure we spent every second of our lives together in elementary school. Literally. Every second. We had zillions of sleepovers together, we took vacations with our parents together, we played on sports teams together, we lived in the same neighborhood and we played outside all summer together, and we longed for and loved when a snow day arose allowing for us to spend a day together sipping hot chocolate and cross stitching. We were definitely the goodiest two shoes who ever walked the earth! I remember playing a restaurant game during recess…we sat at the bench and pretended to sell and serve food to people…ironically, we were acting a lot like fast food employees. We played tons of Mario Brothers, and I always wanted to play Nintendo at her house because she had Mario 3 and I only had Mario 2. When she got her first boyfriend in fifth grade, I got my first boyfriend shortly after. I remember I was jealous when she told me she got her first bra before me. I think my mom took me out to buy a bra then, even though I was not even close to needing one.

The truth is, I cannot really recall any memories from elementary school without her!


We began to grow a part after the sixth grade, but when we would get back together we always picked up where we left off. There were no awkward silences, and it was just like no time had passed between us. I could still be that silly girl talking in an alien voice shaking my booty to “Whoomp There It Is”!

As we have gotten older, the time between our meetings have become further and further apart. Life happens. For Megan, med school happens (yay for her!) and now marriage (double yay!)


Tomorrow we are celebrating her marriage like in the olden days…with our moms and my sister. The only real difference is that her and my sister and I will have our other halves with us! This will be the first time we have all gotten together like this in…..well, I can’t really remember when! It has probably been a good four or five years…at least. I’m sure, though, that it will be wonderful.

And as I am reading the book and reminiscing on our friendship, I realize that I wouldn’t be the girl I am today without Megan. Maybe we were goody two shoes, but I am proud of my “goodness,” and had I been friends with anyone else, I may not have turned out the way I am. Megan made me ambitious and determined…to her and our friendship I am forever grateful!



10 thoughts on “Megan and Angela

  1. awww! tear! the good ol’ days!

    i still remember that day we went to george owen’s park to take those pictures, and how maggie got mad when our moms took pictures of us two without her in it. i also remember thinking that my shirt was REALLY cool. oh my! i’d say it’s about as cool as pretending to be a fast-food worker at recess (although i think it was specifically pizza hut we were playing, so maybe we were just a tiny notch above, say, mcdonalds. way to aim high girls!). anyways, i am grateful to have grown up a goody two shoes with the likes of you.

    excited to see you tomorrow!!

    • HAHA, Megan’s shirt is indeed awesome. Also, I don’t remember getting mad about that, but I definitely believe it. 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous of your book club! I just moved back home from school and I’m trying to find one in my area but I can’t find one I think I would like. Did you try any in your area before you started your own? Also, I have a friend just like yours – anytime were together it’s like we were never apart. So fun 🙂

  3. oh what a beautiful post about such a special friend! I am sure that this means so much to Megan 🙂

    I feel the same way about my best buddy Emily who’s right now working in Ethiopia and then getting married and moving to Thailand with her foreign service Fiance! We may not get to see each other very often but nothing will ever change how important she is to me 🙂

  4. I’m reading The Girls of Ames now. I’m about half way through it. It does make you look back at your friendships and where you are because of them.

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