I Ate a Mushroom, and I Liked It

I’m definitely not a food blogger, a food expert, a chef, or even a good cook. I’m sure my mom and my husband can both attest to this. In fact, I recall one evening when I first lived with my hubby when I had cooked up an experimental dinner. I think it was just chicken breast and a can of rotel in the crock pot…maybe some other ingredients, who knows. As we were setting up the tv trays to start eating, the hub’s tray just “happens” to fall over, spilling all his food onto the floor. (Yes honey, I do still believe that was intentional!)

Joke was on him, though…because I wasn’t looking forward to eating that dinner anymore than he was, so I just offered him my plate, and I went to find something else in the kitchen (probably cereal).

But, when I do create something spectacular to eat, I would love to share it with you!

The evening started with this:What better way to start a nice, hot summer evening out on our new deck!

Then this:…tomatoes


…green peppers




Which turned into this:Oooh lah lah!Then it was time to eat!

Double yummy!

Okay, so I have to admit it…I can’t take all the credit for this meal. In fact, the hubs cut the steak, seasoned the steak, and then did all the grilling. My chef abilities didn’t go beyond cutting the vegetables. Oh well…still a success!!!It was the perfect way to celebrate moving to a new home and break in our new backyard!



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