Crab Rangoon Minus the Crab

Oh my goodness, call my momma! I’ve created something delicious…again!
Crab rangoon…minus the crab!

This can be eaten as an appetizer or as a side item…the hubs and I like to eat them as a side when we have hamburgers. It doesn’t make any sense at all…burgers and rangoon…but oh well! 🙂

First you will need wonton wrappers…

…and cream cheese (I prefer to use cream cheese with chives and onions for this).

Put a dab of cream cheese in the center of the wonton wrapper, then fold it up (you can get creative here!) and pinch the edges together.

Dip your fingers in water before pinching…the moisture will help the edges stick better.

While you are creating your little masterpieces, start to boil a pot of oil (or turn on your small deep fryer) to get ready to fry these little babies.

Once your rangoons are shaped and your oil is ready to go, drop in your rangoons upside down so that the lighter ends get fried. They will flip by themselves when they are ready.

Have some kitchen tongs handy to pull the baby rangoons out as soon as they start to brown. Be ready, because they cook fast!

Let them cool…then enjoy!




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