Are You a Runner?

I never know how to respond when someone asks me that. I’m trying to be one?

Yes, I run…but what actually makes someone a runner? I have had a hard time actually calling myself a runner, because I have always felt like I need to reach some unknown standard of eliteness. I like to play tennis, but does that make me a tennis player? I like to sing, but many people can attest that I am not a singer!

On the other hand…I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished through running! I’ve exceeded my own expectations of what I thought I was capable of in the sport…and hopefully I will keep doing so as I continue to increase my mileage…I am only seven weeks away from my first marathon!

What I’ve come to realize is that anyone can be a runner if they want to be. It doesn’t matter what age, what sex, what size, what distance, what speed, what you wear, or what kind of shoes you have. It doesn’t matter if you run for physical health or for mental health. It doesn’t matter if you stop and take walking breaks. It doesn’t matter if you run tons of races or no races at all.

I know I am a runner because running makes me happy. It is hard, and some days it feels really hard…but I love the way it makes me feel. I love you precious little endorphins!

I know I am a runner because I have dreams about running.

I know I am a runner because I find it more efficient to blow dry the sweat in my hair rather than wash it.

I know I am a runner because I wake up every hour of the night to make sure my alarm is set because I’m afraid that I’ll miss my 5am wake up call to join other crazy people to go for a run.

I know I am a runner because I get excited to go shopping for new sports bras.

I know I am a runner because I think it’s acceptable to eat a bowl of noodles at midnight.

I know I’m a runner because I realize how much confidence running has given me.

I know I am a runner because I contemplate skipping taking a shower because I know I’ll just be sweaty again in less than twenty-four hours. (Sorry husband.)

I am a runner because my mind and especially my heart has been set to be a runner.

So yes, I am a runner.



12 thoughts on “Are You a Runner?

  1. Why yes, you are a runner indeed. Awesome post!! Anyone who attempts to run – no matter if it’s a “good” run or a “bad” run, is a runner. Running is not something that comes easily, nor does it/should it ever – and that’s the allure of it for me. Running is always a challenge and I DIG that for some reason. I’ll never get bored of it because it keeps me guessing. Every single day.

  2. Hahhahaha wooo for girls that don’t care too much about hygiene! I have slept in nasty workout clothes before, just because I know I won’t be doing anything that night and will definitely be running in the morning. Sweaty giiiiirls unite!

  3. Ang, anyone who loves to run is a runner, whether they run for a minute at a time , or four hours…all that matters is the desire. What a wonderful post! I’ve been through periods in my life that I didn’t do any races for years. Recently, I’ve done 12 races in 14 weeks. Despite whether I’m racing, or just running for fun, I consider myself a runner because I enjoy getting up in the morning and feeling the wind in my hair!!!

  4. I love that last picture of you! It is so cute. I would have definitely said you were a runner before reading this post. You are so inspiring! Now I need to go work off this Chipotle I just had to get….. πŸ™‚

  5. I think about that question a lot too. And like you, I’ve decided that I am a runner. I’m not like everyone else, but I am a runner. πŸ™‚

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