Forty-One Days

Forty-one days.

Forty-one days until my fundraising for Girls on the Run comes to an end!

Forty-one days until I tackle twenty-six point two miles!

Marathon training has been very challenging, but at the same time very rewarding. I am beginning to reach new distances that I never even dreamed possible (and what’s crazy is I have so much more to go)! I am also learning a lot about time management, injury prevention, rehabilitation, effects of heat and humidity, and what the world looks like before 6:00am.

Along with all the good things that has come with marathon training, I am also learning about disappointment. I was scheduled to run fourteen miles this past Wednesday, my longest distance yet, but I was unable to go more than ten. You see, my left knee likes to be a pain by being a pain. I was feeling fine for my entire run, that is until I stopped after mile ten to have a drink of water. As I was drinking, my muscles were feeling a little bit tight so I decided to a do a few stretches before I went out to tackle the last four miles. As soon as I put all my weight onto my left leg, it was all over.

I walked back inside feeling disappointed. The run had been so great so far, with no knee pain, and I was feeling like I could accomplish all fourteen miles easily. I so wanted to finish the run, so I tried to walk it off around my house for a few minutes, and then I headed back outside to try again.

I immediately had to turn around and come back home.

I told myself not to be disappointed. As important as this marathon is to me, it’s not worth hurting myself over. And besides, with the proper care, I should probably be able to try again in a few days.And that is what I did!

Saturday morning I planned out a fourteen mile route, laced up my shoes again, and headed out the door around 5:30am. As I ran, I tried to be more aware of the movement of my legs, knees, and heels. I focused on my breathing and how my body was feeling. I also took in the scenery…I didn’t know that my new town had such beautiful surroundings.

Hello Bambi and Bambi’s mom!

And I did it. I ran all fourteen miles!

I felt a lot of things after finishing…exhausted (although as soon as I stopped I felt like I could’ve ran more!), proud of what I had accomplished, and grateful…grateful that I had stopped on Wednesday and gave myself the opportunity to heal.And this week…sixteen miles, here I come!



3 thoughts on “Forty-One Days

  1. Please be careful out there by yourself You should always run with someone else. This is just a MOM that worries about mostly everything 🙂 Be careful and I am proud of you

  2. WOW. 41 days?? This training cycle has FLOWN by – at least it has for me watching from the outside in! So excited for you!! PS LOVE your mom’s comment above. that is the cutest thing ever.

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