How You Know You Are Training For 26.2 – Stephanie Style

Yay for my first ever guest post!

I started reading Stephanie’s blog a little while ago, and I have loved reading about her running adventures. Like me, she is running her first marathon this year, so I have asked her to write a little bit about her marathon training experiences!

Give her some bloggie love!!!

Hi all. I am Stephanie and I blog over at  I have the honor of posting a guest post today for Angela.  She is a pretty amazing girl so I feel really lucky to be able to share on her blog.  I hope you all enjoy and stop by my blog and say hi some time, I love meeting new comers!

Angela asked if I could write about my experiences training for my first marathon. I am training for Marine Corps in the fall and it will be my first.  In honor of 100 days, I thought I would give you some tall tell signs that make you know for sure that you are running for a marathon.

So without further ado,


20) You eat more calories than Michael Phelps on a good day!

Ice-cream is the way to fuel right?

My fridge – supplied with enough food for two

19) Your idea of a good beverage on a Friday (prior to a long run) is water, orange juice, or Gatorade.

18) When your friends call you to go to the beach on Saturday at noon, you are passed out on the couch covered in salt, surrounded by icepacks, foam roller, and PB.

17) Sleeping late is 6 a.m., after all those 5 a.m. wake-ups that is all you can manage on a rest day.

16) is your number choice of websites.

15) You get mad at when it says Saturday at 6 a.m. it will be 68 degrees out and then it turns out to be 71. (This is more like 95 degrees here in Missouri!)

 14) Your best friends are your iPod and your Garmin.

13) You fight with your Garmin when it says you did 8 miles in 1:00:02 and you could have sworn you stopped the damn thing at 59:59:59.

12) You have more sneakers and running outfits than regular shoes and work clothes.

11) Your diet is made up of LunaBars, Shotblocks and Peanut Butter, of course.

10) Your Running Buddy knows more about you than you do.

9) You feel the world come crashing down when your running buddy gets injured.

8)  To supplement your running buddy you consider joining a running group.

7) You realize you don’t have the miles on your leased car to join your running group and consider taking a second job to finance the additional miles or just running to the group thus defeating the point.

6) You realize that you can’t join the group so you consider buying more and more songs to listen to – again considering that second job.

5) The only schedule you live by is your training schedule.

4) When you hear “Eye of the Tiger,” you look for the starting line.

3) You get so sick of “Eye of the Tiger, that you need to buy MORE songs.

2) You don’t know anymore songs so you add to your playlist the pop music that you swore you would never add to your playlist.

1) Bloggers become your best friends and the only one’s that truly understand you and will most importantly listen to you whine!

What are your signs? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much Stephanie, good luck with the rest of your training, and I know you are going to rock your marathon in 100 days!!!

P.S. My latest sign that I’m going to run a marathon…for my anniversary and birthday gifts, I have only asked for running related items! I just got my first running skirt!!!



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