My Pinky Toes Take on Weight Stigma

I’ve always wanted to be Miss America. Like really, really, really bad. However, since I am a married gal now, I will never actually have the chance to actually be her. Is there a Mrs. America? Please let me know, because I would like to try out. 🙂

Miss America Crownsource

I’ve thought about it a lot over the years (okay, I’m a dork) about what I would do if I had the opportunity. I know I would have advocated for eating disorder awareness and promoted a positive body image. And even though I am not Miss America, and never will be (tear!), I am still trying to do everything I can to fulfill my Miss America mission. That is why I was so excited to find out about the blog carnival about weight stigma hosted by Kendra over at Voice in Recovery.

Before I get into my thoughts on weight stigma, I first just want to say how refreshing it is to read Kendra’s tweets throughout the day. If you are ever in need of an uplift, you can always find it from her. Thank you pretty.

Weight stigma. Yuck.

Let’s travel back, oh, about seven or eight years ago. School just got dismissed and I am walking through the hallways of my high school trying to gather my things to get ready to go to diving practice. I had been burying myself in many negative eating disorder habits for awhile, and for a split second I decided to ignore that voice and go ahead and eat a poptart. I know poptarts aren’t the healthiest or best food to eat, but it was what I wanted at the time, and I needed some food.

I pop my change in the vending machine, quickly open the plastic package, and start to devour the delicious little poptart. Strawberry favor with little sprinkles.

My friend comes up to join me in the hallway. He says,


So, that means divers are supposed to only eat healthy.

So, that means divers are supposed to be skinny.

So, that means the world has this idea of what I should look like.

So, that means that I must not be good enough.


Fast forward to now. I don’t blame my friend for saying that or for the after effects of a negative body image. The truth is, that is what “the world” has taught us…that certain people should look a certain way. Weight stigma.

(quote from “Who Calls Me Beautiful” by Regina Franklin)

What if we lived in a world where everyone rejoiced in our uniquenesses? No one should have to think poorly about themselves because they don’t fit into the cookie cutter image that the world has created for them.

What if the norms of “the world” were positive affirmations rather than put downs and negative self talk.

Let’s make it happen…

…starting today!



10 thoughts on “My Pinky Toes Take on Weight Stigma

  1. i am so proud of you beautiful girl you have come a long way since those high school days, you are beautiful now and you were beautiful then, I wish you hadnt of had to go thru what you did but…………….there is a reason for everything and maybe its because you had to go head to head with Ed and break him to find your beautiful authentic self (do I sound like Ophrah) and all of that helps you help other young girls and inspire them to be all that they can be. When I read about the pop tart it breaks my heart knowing you suffered and I couldnt fix things for you. In my heart you are my Miss America (mrs) Your inner beauty makes the outside even more beautiful! I love you my sweet girl. Keep up the good work, God has truly blessed you and blessed me with a daughter like you.

  2. you are so inspiring! brandon’s mom is having a pool party this weekend and i wasn’t planning on swimming, but i think i will now. 🙂 i love you!

  3. This is one to keep to read to our daughters one day! You truly are a beautiful woman…thru and thru…God is using you to bless others Angela! Thanks for all you do! Xoxo

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