Three Girls and a Plumber

The hubby is away this weekend. While I hate being away from him for any amount of time, his overwhelming excitement for a weekend full of camping in 100 degree weather, sharing a tent with three other guys, and attempting for the second time to make gravy on a barbeque grill, I can’t help but be excited for him too! (Should I also add that he grew out his beard so that he’d be able to sport a “Keith Stone” mustache and soul patch for the weekend? Maybe not!)

Instead of sulking around my house by myself, talking to Tia like she has a vocabulary that is larger than “treat,” “hungry,” “outside,” “go poddy,” “go poopoop,” “ball,” and “I love you little Tititititititititititiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,” I decided it’d be the perfect time for a girls night with my madre and sister…

…and mom’s hubby, the plumber!

And in case you didn’t know, if it weren’t for me and my sister, this marriage may not have even happened. Why? Well, let’s go back in time…

Uh oh. The basement drain is backing up (for reasons only left to your imagination…three girls, one house), and my sister and I don’t know what to do! We call mom at work…she calls a plumber.

Well, she doesn’t want to leave two girls at home alone with a strange plumber man in the house, so she comes home on her lunch break. Mom walks in, comes to Maggie and me and says, “Man, that plumber is cute!”

Mom decides he’s safe, goes back to work, and leaves Maggie and me at the house alone…with two wild imaginations, some brains, some brawn, and one crazy idea.

“Maggie,” I say, “Go give him mom’s phone number!”

Maggie replies, “NO! I can’t do that!”

“But Maggie, what if he’s the one?!”

Seriously. Valid question.

The plan: I write down mom’s phone number on a piece of paper. Maggie brings a glass of water downstairs to offer to the strange, but cute, plumber man. She asks if he’s single…then when he replies yes, she gives him mom’s phone number…and well, the water, too!

And the rest?


Fate? Or the work of two genius, smart, beautiful, caring, loving, grateful daughters?!

I say both! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Three Girls and a Plumber

  1. And we are all so thankful for it, and for him!! I have to say, I love the way you worded this post. You are awesome, and i love you!!

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