Talk About It

I’ve never in my whole life been the kind of person who openly talked my feelings or thoughts…all my feelings…with anyone. I haven’t had trouble sharing all my happy feelings and cheerful thoughts. That was never the problem. However, when I’ve felt anger, disappointment, guilt…when I’ve had thoughts about negative body image or feelings of “not good enough,” I just haven’t had it in me to share.

Well, until now.

Okay, so maybe I don’t actually speak about it all the much. I’ve done many eating disorder recovery speeches at my former treatment facility, but other than that my words have mostly been on paper or in my head…or now on this blog.

I use writing as a form of sharing my feelings. It’s not quite the same as talking, but it works just the same for me. I’ve never actually considered myself a writer, an actual writer…I just figured I was someone who likes to write short notes to people or little blog posts, sometimes just for fun or sometimes meaningful. Does that make me a writer, or just someone who writes? (This sounds much similar to the question of whether or not I could call myself a runner.) Then, while I was reading my book club book The Girls From Ames, I came across a line on how Kelly defines the word “writer”…

“…the word “writer” can be defined broadly. It’s about expressing emotion. It’s about helping people think. It’s about using words to understand herself. It’s about helping other people find their own words.”

So…I guess I am a writer.

I’ve said before that I feel like it’s part of my life’s mission to do whatever I can to help prevent future eating disorders. It is a problem that is too un-talked about and too widespread. I try to talk as openly and honestly about my experiences, although I haven’t shared the entire story on this blog yet. Many of the emotions and situations I went through can be stored in the “embarrassing” category. But that’s okay. When I have the opportunity to share these things I know that it may help that person who is feeling the same way but is too embarrassed or scared to share. And it not only can be helpful to others, but it helps me stay grounded in where I am today. It reminds me of how far I’ve come, but how important my experiences are.

It helps me to understand that God has a plan far greater than I’d ever imagined for myself.

So I challenge you to talk, or write, about it…whatever “it” is for you. Because more than likely there is someone else in the world feeling the same way, but she or he thinks they are alone.

We aren’t alone in our struggles or our strengths, and the greatest thing about people and community is that they are the best support systems.

Oh, and by the way, you are looking gorgeous today (even if you’re still in your pajamas that consists of a baggy t-shirt and shorts…like me! 🙂 )



5 thoughts on “Talk About It

  1. It means a lot to me to meet people online so willing to share their stories. My biggest struggles haven’t been with food – at least not in the conventional sense. Sure I went from a BMI of 19 to 26 in the first semester of college back in 2004. but that wasn’t what took me to my lowest point – or maybe it was the first step. I had a really rough sophomore year of college. And after losing my two best friends to each other – I pushed everyone else away. I became angry all the time. I dealt with my pain through anger. it was miserable. I guess even now – 5-6 years later – that still stays with me. I am still quick to anger and slow to trust.

    Perhaps you have inspired me to share more of my emotional journey on my blog. when I’m ready. it sure is hard to share these things aloud – or in writing, as the case may be.


  2. I haven’t shared one of the biggest things that has ever happened in my life on my blog yet, but I am doing a guest post on ‘strength’ soon, and I think that’s when I’m going to share it. I am crazy nervous about it but I feel like the situation is the best example I have of when I needed to be my strongest. I think it’s crazy too that I’m writing about it in a guest post instead of a post on my own blog…maybe I feel safer that way? I can’t really explain it. I’m scared, but I also feel relieved that I’ll finally talk about it with someone. Writing is definitely therapeutic and I think all of us bloggers can definitely be considered writers because we use our words to not only help others, but also to help ourselves. 😀

  3. Beautifully said Ang!!! I too LOVE writing…I just have a hard time writing to the world…I keep it for myself! Maybe one day I will have the courage you have…kuddos to you! You truly are touching others’ lives! Soo proud of you! Xoxo

  4. This is amazing , I just stumbled across your blog on someone else’s blog roll, Wow truley amazing, the sticky notes on the scales! You truly inspire me as A person! Your blog is different, its not just pictures, of food, from throughout the is REAL! GOD bless you, Thank you. I am defiantly subscribing! 🙂

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