That Nasty Little Word

This blog is by no means “thinspiration.” In fact, I hate even saying that word or having it associated with my name.

This blog is, in fact, the complete opposite of that little nasty word. It is a place to come to hopefully feel loved, to feel love for yourself, and to feel empowered. If somehow you found my blog because you were curious about that word, please don’t be let down because this wasn’t what your were looking for. But still, please read on…

With everything out there in the world, magazines, diet pills ads, television shows, and so much more, it is too easy to compare ourselves to unrealistic, airbrushed images of what the world thinks is beautiful.

Beautiful is that fact that we are all so unique and different. Nobody has the same hands, feet, legs that I do, and I am grateful for that.

Beautiful is the fact that my body can do amazing things. It can dance (poorly!), it can play volleyball, it can run. Pretty soon it will run 26.2 miles for Girls on the Run.

Beautiful is the fact that my body can exist so effortlessly. My heart beats on its own, making sure that every part of me is alive and thriving. I breathe without having to think about it, filling my lungs with beautiful life.

Beautiful is the fact that, even if my hips are set a little wider than someone I might try to compare myself to, someday that will be so beneficial when I have my first baby.

Beautiful is the fact that I can look into the mirror without wanting to change something. I appreciate every part of myself from the tip of my nose, to my stomach, to my knees, and all the way down to my pinky toes. I realize that God made me with a special idea and intention…why would I want to change that?!

In a world full of false images, there is hope that there is more to life than looking a certain way. There is hope that a negative body image can turn into a positive body image with hard work and the power of the mind. There is hope that our struggles are worth all the hard work because there is a world of happiness on the other side. There is hope that one can recover from an eating disorder or any other illness that may be hurtful. I did.

Beautiful is the fact that there is hope.



12 thoughts on “That Nasty Little Word

  1. LOVE this. Especially the part about not wanting to change something that God created so perfectly. you are absolutely right – he made us each perfectly imperfect and beautiful just as we are right now. Who are we to want to change that? We can and should embrace who we are today, tomorrow and 50 years from now. great post!

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