Waterproof Mascara

I can’t believe that tomorrow is the day. It feels like I have been training forever, yet at the same time I feel like I’ve just started!

I am so excited and very nervous…but most of my anxieties are just about arriving on time and having all my gear and fuel with me. Strangely, I’m not that nervous about the running part! We will see how I feel tomorrow morning, though!

I guess I really need to get over my dislike of even numbers…I’m twenty-six years old, I’m running twenty-six point two miles tomorrow, and my bib number is two forty…that’s a lot of even numbers!!!

I still don’t think the reality of it has set it yet. I have only had a few moments where I truly felt the fact that I’ll be running my first marathon. I can invision myself crossing the finish line…all sweaty, but arms raised up in pride…and I see tears on my face…

…then I start to get that knot in my throat…and I start to tear up just thinking about it!

I guess it’ll be a morning for waterproof mascara!!! (Because a girl must be wearing mascara to run…duh!)


P.S. I will be doing the drawing for my bloggie-giveaway on Monday morning! You still have until the end of tomorrow to donate to Girls on the Run be entered into the drawing!


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