The Birth of My Pinky Friends

It’s that time again.

My husband’s been walking around with a goofy grin on his face.

He has spent more time on the computer researching the past week than he has all his years of college.

Researching stats, injuries, teams, rankings.

We scour movie rental stores for season two of The League.

My cable bill is about to go up with the addition of one more, allegedly very important channel.

The Red Zone.

He hums a tune and asks me to guess what he’s singing.

I have a high chance of being right if I guess the intro to Madden, ESPN, the Red Zone, or CBS Sports.

We heard the song that the Kansas City Chiefs enter the field to come on the radio this weekend. He got excited and cranked up the volume.

Yes. It’s football season.

To be honest, him and his friends have been planning this years fantasy football league for the past several months. He just may have put more effort into the planning of this than our wedding. That is probably true for all of the husbands involved. However, us wives don’t seem to mind too much. We all preferred to plan as much of our weddings as we could on our own, otherwise they would probably have all been sports themed. Yes, we all love the Royals (eh, or Cardinals I guess…Casey and Kellie) but I don’t think Slugger would have been the best ring bearer.

Seeing all the boys’ excitement over their fantasy football league (whose team name I will leave out in order to keep a PG rated blog), us girls thought that we should do something, too, that we could be equally enthusiastic about. We tried to come up with some other type of “fantasy” league that would be related to something more girl-ish, but couldn’t come up with anything. But we like watching the Chiefs play, too, so why not create out own fantasy football league. Hence, the birth of My Pinky Friends, the fantasy football league for wearers of bedazzled KC Chiefs apparel, wives of football-obsessed men, and BFFs.

We take it seriously.

Yup, that’s us…studying our fantasy cheat sheets.

Just kidding! That picture was definitely posed. This one is more like it.

We did, however, take the advice from our respective husbands on who to pick first, who to stay away from, and which positions are most important for the scoring of fantasy football. We also decided the picking order the same way as the guys.

With a football throwing contest, of course.

After the ridiculous throwing contest was complete (thank you strength trainingfirst pick goes to me!) the draft was ready to begin!

The hubs warned me that the draft would be a long process and that us girls probably wouldn’t even stick it out to the finish.

Well, it really doesn’t take that long when you are using a cheat sheet entitled something along the lines of The NFL’s 100 Hottest Players.

Or if there are frozen margaritas involved.

Even while feeding, burping, and rocking a baby Lauren was able to make her picks the second it was her turn. It was sure nice of her husband to buy her a special fantasy football draft book! (The guys take this stuff so seriously!)

This girl is a seriously amazing new momma! (And hopefully her little one will take after his momma when it comes to throwing a football…not his dad…sorry B!)

And while I’ve never been one to actually look forward to watching football for eighteen consecutive hours every Sunday, I’m secretly looking forward to seeing how my players do!

This weeks’ matchups:

Pretty Pretty Punters (that would be my team!) vs. Dynamite Divas

Battling Bruisers vs. Tigers

Kara’s Krew vs. Breaston Plants (name courtesy of one creative husband!)

A-Team Nurses vs. The EPT Team

Wish me and Adrian Peterson luck!



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