What Are You Really Good At?

For the past two weeks now I have faced twenty eager and excited seventh and eighth graders every afternoon for volleyball practice. For the most part they all seem to be happy, positive little (maybe I shouldn’t say little…I have to look up to most of them!) people, but you never really know how they are feeling inside. I only just met these girls, I don’t know their backgrounds, their history, or where they came from.

I know that middle school can be a really tough time. I recently discovered my old journal from middle school, and let me tell you, it is quite comical to read how dramatic I was! However, as I was skimming through it today, I really realized how confused I was. I didn’t have any idea where I fit in or who I was. I wanted so bad for people to like me (especially the boys…”Well, Tom still hasn’t asked me out. I hope and pray, but nothing ever happens. I also like some other people, but I’m sure they don’t like me. Oh well.”)

Knowing that middle school can be such a dramatic and possibly traumatic time for these pretty little volleyballers, I decided to add a new strategy to my coaching. I gave all the girls homework over the weekend to write down something that they think they’re really good at. It didn’t have to be related to volleyball, but it could be. They could choose to write one sentence or an entire novel.

It was so cute, sometimes funny, and inspiring to see what they had to say. They best part about this exercise was that they ALL thought that they were really good at something!

I wanted them to do this because there always comes times in our lives when we doubt ourselves, feel like we are not good enough, or feel like we are unworthy. Writing down what we are good at reminds us that none of those negative feelings are true! We definitely always have something to be proud of.

It wouldn’t be fair if I made the girls do this exercise and didn’t do it myself. So, me? What am I good at?

Art. I’ve been an artist as long as I can remember. I love to draw, paint, design, and create.

Many of my friends and family have questioned why I am going back to school for nursing when I have such a passion for art. This really is a legitimate question as I’ve considered it plenty myself. I do love art, but I’d like to keep art for myself. I want to always love doing it and love what I am creating, and I think if I was forced to do it then I might lose that love. I want to be a nurse to put my passion for caring for people into action. However, I truly hope that someday I will be able to combine these two aspects of my life. A girl can always dream!

Now it is your turn! Tell me…what you are really good at?!



8 thoughts on “What Are You Really Good At?

  1. Hmm…what *am* I good at?? That’s a question I ask myself often. I’m GOOD at my job – which is PR and social media…but is that my passion? Not necessarily. It WOULD be a passion if I could combine PR and SM with what I love…and that’s fitness. I love to inspire others to live fit and healthy and happy lives which is why I blog…but as for being “good at” just one thing? I’m not sure I even know how or where to begin to answer that. Is that weird??

  2. hummmmmmmmmmmm I really didnt know if I was good at much of anything, BUT, when I read what you write, and think about all you do, and see your sister work so hard at what she does and has also a passion for helping other people……….I think I must have been pretty good at being a MOM because I have two wonderful talented passionate and loving girls that I am so proud of. (i must have done something right along that journey) 🙂

  3. What a great post & awesome food for thought. I think we have such a tendency to get down on ourselves that we might never think about the positive things about us. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  4. I love this post, and agree with Joey … it’s important to remember the positive points in EVERYONE, including ourselves!

    And I’m good at cooking. 🙂

  5. It’s actually a struggle to come up with anything that I’m good at, so I guess I can start with that my husband thinks I’m good at cooking… which is a HUGE blessing 🙂
    I’m generally a positive person, which uplifts people around me… so I guess I’m good at encouraging people!
    Great post, and thanks for dedicating so much of your life to inspiring girls to love themselves.

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