Comfort in a Britney Spears Song

I’ve had a blast reading through my old journal from middle school. Every day there is a new entry detailing how the boy I like didn’t ask me out and how I had my eye on another boy. It’s a little bit sad how much I wanted people to like me…but I think the majority of people probably go through that phase during adolescence. In all honestly, I still have a lot of those feelings now! I’m always nervous meeting new people because I want to make a good impression. I still feel scared that people might not like me. How crazy is that?!

That is probably one of the reasons I was not a fan of being a substitute teacher a year ago…especially a substitute for middle school. I had some kids actually make fun of my voice as I was giving directions, and can you believe that what a thirteen year old had to say actually hurt my feelings?

Aside from all my ridiculous boy-craziness, though, it is nice to see that I enjoyed writing back then and how it always seemed to make my mood just a little bit better. Who would have thought writing could mean so much?!

Rewind twelve years. (Um…so yeah, I’m getting old.)


I love writing, it makes me feel a lot better, even if I already feel good. Today was a great day! The Britney Spears new song “Sometimes” is so much like me! Every word! It goes “Sometimes I run” and some parts go “Sometimes I’m scared” and stuff like that, and that’s exactly me!

Then it goes on about some more boy crazy stuff…someone asked me if I liked so-and-so and I said no but I really meant yes and they didn’t believe me so someone asked so-and-so if he liked me and he didn’t say no. Blah blah blah, you get the point.

Now for your enjoyment…

Thank goodness I had to wait only about three more years to find the boy of my dreams!



4 thoughts on “Comfort in a Britney Spears Song

  1. I love this!! I have one of those huge under the bed storage bins full of journals and I love reading back through them. My first one began in 3rd grade where I used to rate my days as “good, bad or I don’t know” How’s that for a start? That and my silly poetry. hah oh, middle school πŸ™‚

  2. I cringe everytime I read my Jr. High/High School journals! I just can’t believe that I was ever that dramatic! Ahhhh, the wisdom behind good old Britt Britt lyrics….seriously, you could have been reading from MY journal:-)

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