I Can Do Anything

Writing this blog has done wonders for me. Writing has been very therapeutic and has immensely improved my overall attitude and body image. Writing has made me feel closer to many family members and friends as they have commented and been a part of My Pinky Toes’ journey. Writing has allowed me to “meet” new people and make so many new friends that I never thought possible.

Writing has been very humbling.

As much as this blog has done for me, I am just in awe when someone writes back or leaves comments that they love my blog or that I am an inspiration. On days when I am down and write about it on my blog, I am shocked at the immediate support that my blog friends leave for me.

It is also humbling, but at the same time extremely exciting that almost on a daily basis someone puts their cursor in the google search bar and types…

…and they can find my blog.

It’s kind of amazing.

I decided to do the search myself and see what I found. After clicking through the first fifty pages of search results I still hadn’t come across my blog. However, these fifty pages don’t even put a dent in the one billion, seven hundred and sixty million (plus) results for “I can do anything.” It’s also an amazing thing that there are that many results for such a phrase (and quite honestly amazing that so many people are searching for it!)

Along my way through the first fifty pages of search results I passed over several blogs…some of which I recognized! There was one post from the Fit Bottomed Girls about running a marathon (yeah!) and another post from one of my all-time favorite bloggers Ali (who will soon run her first marathon!)

I’m honored to be a small part of this “We can do anything” team.

Yeah. I just made that team up. But I like it. So go with it! 🙂

Speaking of the fact that we can do anything, I will be proposing a new assignment to my little volleyball girlies this afternoon. On a few occasions I have heard the most dreaded phrase that any coach, especially a coach on the We Can Do Anything team, ever hears…

“I can’t.”

Clearly I cannot let this go on any longer. How do these girls not know that they are capable of anything and everything?! I must straighten this out immediately!

Their homework will be to write about a time when they achieved something that they didn’t think was possible or a time when they were extremely proud of themselves. Therefore, the next time they may be feeling like they “can’t” do something, well by golly, they’ll be reminded that they can overcome any obstacle put in their way.

They’ll be able to say to themselves, “Yes. I can do anything.”

Now it’s your turn! When was a time that you did something you never thought possible or what was your proudest moment? I think mine is pretty obvious if you have been reading my blog lately…duh, my marathon! (Are you getting tired of hearing about that yet? No? Me either! 🙂 )



4 thoughts on “I Can Do Anything

  1. Oh my gosh can there please be a “We Can Do Anything” team?! That would be great.

    And you ARE an inspiration. I was in tears reading your marathon recap and have loved reading all of your happy posts. You are great. Keep it up!

  2. You have been so inspirational lately and I love it!!

    U can never brag too much on your marathon! I’m so happy for u on that amazing accomp,ishment!!

    Proudest moment for me, being a you g mom and getting through the tough challenges that came with it!

    Love u!!

  3. Great assignment for the girls, I love it! And such a great job on the marathon! I’m a new(ish) runner…well I’ve been running for awhile but never really like race type running, or trying to train…and reading your blog is totally motivating to someone like me! I love following along! Keep it up! 🙂

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