“Now You’re a Real Runner,” said the little devil; Race Recap

I’ve debated (with myself) before on whether or not I consider myself a “real” runner. In my debate, the little angel on my left shoulder fighting for being a runner came out on top over the little devil on my right shoulder fighting for not being a runner.

Well, that little devil came back with a vengeance this weekend. Her and her pointy little ears (horns?), winged black eyeliner, red cape, and red pitchfork pointed out to me that I have never ran in the rain…therefore (up until Sunday) I could not call myself a real runner (by her standards, not mine).

Somehow I managed to fall asleep Saturday night even though there were flashes of lightning lighting up the room. Sunday morning rolled around and I was welcomed to the day with a constant and steady light rain.

Little devil, you are testing me…aren’t you?

{Insert her evil laughing response here.}

I got dressed, applied my waterproof mascara, laced up, ate my cinnamon toast, and drove to the race site. I picked up my bib and chip, quickly made a new playlist, and headed to the start line.

The rain was seriously putting a damper on my mood for this race (Wait a second…was that a cheesy punTotally unintentional, I promise…but I kind of like it…), so before the race even started I pulled up my (ridiculous-looking) earphones and started blasting Bruno Mars’ voice singing “Lighters.” Pretty soon I had a little hop in my step and I was ready to run.

(I imagine this race photo would have been a lot more beautiful had the sky not been an ugly shade of gray.)

Aaaaaannnddd pretty soon I was ready to stop running! As soon as I started I immediately wondered to myself why I was doing this. I definitely was not “feeling” this run, but somehow I kept my pace around 8:15 (pretty ridiculous for me) which would keep my close to finishing in my goal of 50 minutes.

I got a little more pep in my step during mile two when the course took me right past the park where I finished my marathon. I reminded myself that if I could run a marathon surely I could finish this 10K! I finished mile two with my pace still at 8:15.

Mile three was somewhat a drag for me. At this point I was feeling soggy. I wore a jacket thinking that the rain would make me cold, but instead I was just sweaty and the jacket felt heavy. I was beginning to feel water swishing in my shoes which was an unwanted distraction at this point. As much as I wanted to do awesome this race, I just couldn’t convince my brain to feel good about it. However, I was still keeping great time for myself as I finished mile three after 24 minutes and 53 seconds.

Miles four and five were kind of a blur, but kind of just a continuation of the first three. Wet and soggy. My pace slowed to around 8:45, and I knew a 50 minute goal time was probably not going to happen. I didn’t let that bother me too much considering the conditions and the fact that I still was on pace to beat my previous 10K time and the fact that I rarely ever (actually never) maintain a pace less than nine minute miles for very long.

Halfway through mile five my uncle who was running the race, too, caught up to me and he inspired me to push myself for the last bit of the race. Once I picked my pace back up I felt better, and at mile marker six we kicked it into high gear and sprinted to the finish line. I will be honest, that last sprint felt amazing as I was able to pass quite a few people who I had been staring at their backs for six miles.

(This is definitely not my best race pic…I blame it on the ugly earphones, not the weird facial expression. 🙂 Maybe if I had those sweet, yet discreet, pink earphones the girl in front of me has it’d be a better picture. P.S. That’s my cute uncle in the black hat right behind me! He PRed!!!)

I learned a lot of things from this race. I learned that I can run in the rain…I may not like it, I definitely know I’m more of a sunshine kind of gal, but I survived. I learned that although goal setting is great, it is okay not to get there on the first attempt. I learned that sometimes I’m too hard on myself, because even though I didn’t “feel” this race very much, I still PRed with a time of 52:32.6 placing 20th out of 116 girls in my age group and 218th out of 923 runners total.


Oh, and I also learned to remember where I park my car at a race so that I don’t have to climb several flights of stairs to the top of the wrong parking garage after racing 6.26 miles.

The end! 🙂




16 thoughts on ““Now You’re a Real Runner,” said the little devil; Race Recap

  1. Congrats! You are very much a real runner…you ran a marathon! I love running in the rain, it’s quiet and you get the road to yourself. It’s the perfect time to think! I love your blog, I think your a great inspiration!

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