Virtual Rundates Galore

I had a pretty exciting twitter conversation yesterday with some pretty awesome girls. It all started when the beautiful Jess mentioned me on her blog yesterday. You see, she has been thinking about running a marathon, and I think that she needs to go for it! I’m being completely honest when I say that feeling of crossing the finish line is unbelievable. If you have ever thought about doing it, even just a little bit, then you must try!

There’s nothing like a little peer pressure!

Ever since I started blogging sixth months ago, I have had the desire to meet these people that I sometimes spend several hours a week with, reading their blogs or chatting on twitter. Unfortunately, it seems as though none of you live anywhere near little ol’ mid-MO. 🙂

Then the conversation continued with this wonderful comment…

Best idea ever, maybe? I think so!

Then Samantha and Stephanie joined in the conversation…

This twitter conversation, by far, has been my favorite one since I got on twitter six months ago. Seriously…let’s combine running and blogging (two of my most recent favorite things) and talk about them with lots of smiley faces and exclamation points! LOVE IT! 🙂

Our conversation then took a turn at trying to convince each other to travel to our respective areas of the country to run this blogger marathon. I do believe that my argument was pretty solid and held a good chance…

After running the NorthFace Endurance Challenge which was ridiculously full of hills, flat definitely wins in my book!

In the end, Jess provided us with three words that say it all…

Virtual. Rundates. Galore.

(Well, I don’t know if “rundates” is an actual word…a hyphenated word, maybe?)

I do believe that much of this conversation may have been more playful banter than actual seriousness, but I love the idea of this virtual running-blogging-motivating-training for a marathon thing. I say let’s do it! If you’ve ever wanted to run a marathon or are crazy like me and Samantha and want to do it again or if you just want to join in as you train for any length of run, by golly, let’s do it together with virtual rundates galore. Are you in?

LOVE IT? I thought so!



6 thoughts on “Virtual Rundates Galore

  1. Ahhh lady totally utterlly in!! but lets just break down and do a real one. Sooo serious I want to run with all you wonderful ladies for real or relay it up! lol but I agree i will be satisifed with virtual rundate if that is all we can do…but hmmmm so enticing to get together and do a real one!

  2. I was totally serious in my tweets – about 26.2 (totally doing one next year, yes you heard me!!), but also about virtual rundates and also about meeting up to do races together…the last part is just harder to organize but not out of the question! Maybe we ought to each come up with a race in our neck of the woods to share and see who is around and can make an appearance. Now THAT would be fun (and oh-so-organized, can you tell I’m Type A???). Awesome post lady!!

  3. Ooohhh how I love love LOVE this. Exclamation points, smiley faces, running, and blogging – does life get any better?!?!?!?!?!

    I LOVE the virtual rundate idea – I know Steph’s getting DEEP into her 26.2 training right now, and me and Jess each have a half coming up quickly. I’ll be back to running next week, enough recovery already!

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