Little By Little

I’m finally getting around to posting for today. I still don’t quite feel like I have my writing or running groove back yet, but little by little I’m getting there.

I’m definitely a list kind of person. At one point in time I usually have several lists laying around…or things to do, items to buy, quotes I like, blog topics, ect. Taking into consideration my mood lately, I haven’t been that motivated to get up and get going…to cross things off my lists. However, like yesterday, I know that it is only up to me to get back into the swing of things and get productive.

So it’s time to start checking things off my list!

Order blank gatefold invitations…done! More work for angheartsdesign…I’ll take it!

Apply to Rockhurst College…check! Nursing school will be here before I know it. I simply cannot wait!

E-mail volleyball game results…almost done!

Confirm t-shirt designs…done!

Create a new half marathon training plan…check!

You read that right. I have made a new half marathon training plan for a race that is eight weeks away! I’m trying a little bit different type of training plan, and I’m definitely looking forward to challenging myself again. When I do start nursing school, I won’t have all this free time to spend hours a week running or in the gym, so why not live it up while I can and while I am loving it!

Little by little…I’m coming back!



7 thoughts on “Little By Little

  1. I’m definitely a list person too. I use the “sticky notes” feature on Windows 7 to make myself all kinds of lists every day! I want to see your new half plan!

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