September in Review, October Underway

I simply cannot believe that it is October…October 3rd to be exact. September flew by insanely fast…the whole summer flew by too fast. And now it’s October. Crazy.

I know that I am going to regret saying this in a few weeks when I can’t stand the fall cold anymore (even though the weather is perfect right now, Missouri weather changes too fast), but I’m kind of glad that the seasons are changing. Dare I say that I’m looking forward to our first snow? (Insert my dad gasping here…he loves the snow and he knows I’m a summer baby!) Okay, snow is still pretty far off and maybe taking it too far. No, definitely too far. Nonetheless, I am kind of stoked that it’s now fall.


The fact that September seemed so short, I’m not going to be too hard on myself about my September goals (and maybe because I already know that I did not accomplish very many of them!) Let’s be real here…in September I spent most of my time trying to overcome my post-first-marathon depression, and even though that wasn’t one of the goals I listed for myself, I think it was the biggest accomplishment.

I did achieve my first two goals: find a new race to sign up for and create a new workout schedule. I ran a 10K in September and I am registered to run my second half marathon at the end of November. I also created a new training plan for my half that I will share with you all later! Success!

My third goal was to strength train at least twice a week. I don’t think I completely accomplished this goal, but I did manage to weight lift once a week. Semi-success!

Two more goals were to blog more and cook more. These are both pretty relative goals, but I can say for a fact that I did blog and cook more than I did in August (which really isn’t saying that much.)

And now for the walk of shame…

Finish unpacking and decorating. Fail.

Do yoga. Fail. Not.Even.One.Time.

Find a book to read. Fail.

Create something artsy. Fail.

And last, but definitely not least, enjoy life. I did enjoy life…but not enough. I spent too much time being sad that my marathon was over and just being moody. Enough of that!

Now that it is a new month, it is time for a new mindset and some new goals!

1. Stick to my half marathon training plan. It is easy to blow off a three miles run here and there, but for the most part I want to stay on track! I’ve devised this plan a little bit differently, so I’d like to stick it out!

2. Cook even more. My body is telling me that it’s had enough frozen meals and frozen pizzas for a lifetime. So, why not make a homemade pizza, with homemade crust, instead of cooking one frozen? As I was preparing dinner last night (yes, I cooked last night!) I thought to myself this isn’t so bad. Maybe I could even start to enjoy cooking. Hmmm.

3. Be creative. I am in the middle of a fun design project for a spa company which I think is very beautiful, but I need to create something out of pure enjoyment! I just haven’t made enough time for creativity lately…and I think I need to get on the Pinterest bandwagon to get the wheels a’rollin! Add that to the goal…be creative and join Pinterest!

4. Try something pumpkin flavored. I have been reading about everyones’ undying love for pumpkin lattes, coffees, creamers, pies, oatmeal, cookies, ect., so why not give it a try? I’ve always veered away from pumpkin pie around Thanksgiving, but I actually tried a slice last year and I think I kind of liked it.

5. Spruce up this little blog of mine. It’s been on my mind for awhile to lose the “.wordpress” from my web address, but I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing. If you have any advice, please share it with me! So, maybe I’m not ready to go self-hosted, but I would like to add a few new pages, update my current pages, and just make it overall a little bit better!

6. Read a book. Let’s give this goal another try.

7. Have faith. October is destined to bring me some more news regarding my future in nursing school. Whatever happens, I want to know that it is the right thing and that I can get through it.

8. Be happy. Life is too short not to be.

What are your October goals?!



6 thoughts on “September in Review, October Underway

  1. Loving these temps too, but I know soon and very soon the cold will be here and I’ll start dreading it. Ha

    You can still self host a blog and use the wordpress format and still update and do everything the same way!

    I also have to say I’m not a big pumpkin person so I don’t quit get everyone else’s obsession…I’d rather have a slice of apple or cherry pie on Thanksgiving than pumpkin!

  2. LOVE your goals, especially 5 and 8. Well, mostly 8 because its something I think we ALL take for granted. The little things – and embracing the life that is our own, and being thankful for all that we have right there in front of us. Like a super duper loving husband (love that pic of you two!), for example.

    On a lighter note, I am totally ready to get the .wordpress out of my blog URL too! Need to investigate ASAP!

  3. Great goals for September! We have some very similar ones this month! As for getting rid of your .wordpess, check out the wordpress 24/7 page (you can get to it on and search for self-hosting. I host mine through wordpress actually but have my own url. It’s pretty inexpensive and was the easiest option I found! Good luck with your goals!

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