Pretty Pretty Punters Go Undefeated

It’s no secret that my husband is a sports fan. His six foot eight self played sports since he was a little baby, he has about thirteen hundred and seventeen t-shirts from all of his teams, some dating back to middle school, hanging in his closet (and I actually have one of his little league t-shirts!), and there are two times a year I know he will be all giddy and unable to control his excitement. One might guess the usual times of the year that are most peoples’ favorites, their birthday and Christmas. For Matt? Nope.

Our wedding anniversary?


If you guessed March Madness and the Fantasy Football draft you guessed right!

(Mr. Pretty Pretty Punters with Mr. Battling Bruisers)

I’ve always been competitive myself, and each year I have filled out my March Madness tournament bracket (usually based on which team colors I like to most), but I’ve never been all that interested in football. Yes, I like watching Matt Cassel try to throw some passes on television each Sunday, and yes, I enjoy myself a few drinks at a tailgate, but a zillion hours a weekend dedicated to football and football only…not so much.

Or should I say…that was until all of us wives of sports-obsessed men decided to start our own fantasy football league.

Now you can find me cuddled up on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, watching the Red Zone, listening for my players names to be said by the announcers, hopefully for running the ball in for a touchdown, drooling over the pretty shades of pink sports accessories the players have on in honor of breast cancer awareness month, and updating my fantasy football app every thirty seconds now and then.

And, I am proud to say that my Pretty Pretty Punters have been doing exceptionally well as we have started the season with a four game winning streak. We have been practicing very hard choosing the right shade of lipstick to use instead of eye black. It is paying off. We are undefeated. Unstoppable. And we are looking good.

I think it’s definitely necessary to thank the Baltimore Ravens’ defense for this weeks win over the Breaston Plants. And thank you Mark Sanchez for doing not so awesome. Thirty-two points from a defense. Yes please.

Unfortunately, next week is the Raven’s bye week…and I’m playing the Battling Bruisers…the second place team…also undefeated. It’s a big week! Umm…husband, I need your help!

Speaking of the husband again, he has this problem of talking in his sleep sometimes. Most of the time he whispers sweet nothings in my ear, tells me he loves me, or sometimes just mutters sounds that can only be explained as a made up language. But on Sunday night?

A reception gets you half a point.”

Now-a-days, that is a sweet nothing.



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