Running Before the Sun Comes Up

It feels so nice to have my daily workout done before the sun comes up!


As my alarm clock (cell phone) went off at 4:55am playing Jason Aldean’s Dirt Road Anthem trying to convince me to wake up, it was much more tempting to just hit the snooze button. I’m pretty sure the song never even made it past the instrumental intro. However, after the song seemed to be playing in my dreams I decided to actually open my eyes and check the time.


The moment of truth. Do I get up, try to find some clothes to run in without waking up the husband, scrounge for a matching pair of socks, scarf down some food, let Tia outside, and head out the door in five minutes…

…or do I just turn the alarm off. Not snooze. Off.


My head definitely definitely opted for the latter, who couldn’t use a few more hours of beauty sleep?! But in the end my heart won out, and I got my gooloo out of bed to meet up with the local running gals. We went for a nice four and a half mile run around town in the dark, truly in the dark, led by a couple of flashlights.

Running in the pitch black is quite a funny thing. First of all, the danger of potholes is multiplied tenfold…hence, why we had flashlights. Secondly, when you are chasing after a small circle of light that just happens to be swaying back and forth (since it is being held by another person running!) you start swaying as you’re running, also…very similar to what I think it would be like running after a few cocktails. Not that I know…because I don’t, I promise…not yet at least.

Thirdly, if you turn off the flashlights for any amount of time, even say two seconds, a group of grown women will squeal and scream like they are little girls being chased by boys with cooties. Fact.

Then, after the miles passed by and we arrived back at our starting point, and it almost seemed as if four and a half miles didn’t even happen! I mean, if you couldn’t see it, then it didn’t happen, right?! Therefore there is definitely no reason to have any tightness or soreness. No way!

All in all, I’m glad that I declined to urge to fit in a few more hours of beauty sleep and got in a fabulous workout before the sun came up. Running is always better early with the birds, and it’s definitely always better with a group of awesome girls!



6 thoughts on “Running Before the Sun Comes Up

  1. I love the matching socks comment since you were running in the dark! 🙂 Good job on getting up this morning! So nice having a group to go out and run with for sure! I definitely have that internal get up and run or sleep debate a lot!

    • Haha, I didn’t even think of that! For some reason I MUST have matching socks, always! It drives me nutso when my husband folds laundry and mis-matches them! 🙂

  2. Ha! Love that you ran with a flashlight! I’ve run in the dark with my husband and have nearly face planted a few times, we never run with light, just hope for the best by the street lights, haha! Smarter choice would be a flashlight next time I think 😉

  3. first of all- i LOVE dirt road anthem! such a good song.

    glad that you have a great group of runners to meet up with in the early AM! jealous. can never get my bum out of bed!

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