This past weekend I went to my bff’s house, and as usual I let myself in and screeched, “Hellooooo?” as I made my way up the staircase to the bedrooms. I dropped my stuff off in my room as she responded, “I’ll be there in a second,” from the master bedroom. I’ve never been shy before in making my way into her room and bombarding her privacy, so that’s exactly what I did.

As soon as I entered the room, she quickly told me not to come in as she was hovering over her dresser. “I’m finishing a surprise for you!”

Oh. Whoops.

But I like surprises, so I went back downstairs and waited.

Pretty soon she arrived with a little card in her hand. I rushed to open it, and out of the card popped a little keychain.

Curious, I read the card and immediately filled up with happiness, love, and appreciation. She was “noticing” me for being a friend, a blogger, and a new marathoner. Right then and there I hooked that little noticed motif onto my keys so I would be constantly reminded!

The back of the keychain has a website to go to explaining this Noticed Network. It is all about inspiring women to celebrate, honor, and “notice” each other in a personal way. You can also order these noticed motifs for yourself to give away to other women you want to celebrate. A portion of the proceeds in purchasing the keychains goes to two different, amazing charities.

It felt amazing to receive such a thoughtful and random gift from another woman that I respect and admire so much. It has definitely inspired me to continue the ripple effect of the Noticed Network. Who wouldn’t love to feel noticed?

Thank you for noticing me Heather. I have noticed your caring and giving heart on a daily basis.



One thought on “Noticed

  1. This is a beautiful concept! I LOVE it. I’m hopping over to their site now to buy some for my closest friends who I adore to make sure they know that they mean something to me,that I ‘notice’ them as important in my life. LOVE THIS!!

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