The Branding of Spa Nova

My poor little blog.

I haven’t taken any time to sit down and write yet this week…for good reason, though. Instead, angheartsdesign has been taking over my life.

I have spent hours upon hours printing, cutting, reprinting, and gluing in order to create the most beautiful menus for a beautiful licensed esthetician.

Way back in the spring I was contacted to create a logo and business card design for an up-and-coming company, Spa Nova. She enjoyed what I created for her so much that I’ve since been asked to make…

…gift certificates…

…address labels…postcards…

…thank you notes…

…and most recently, menus!

I feel so honored to have this wonderful lady trust me with all of her branding, and I have enjoyed every second I’ve spent designing for her. I do feel bad that I have neglected this precious blog, but as soon as I have all her menus shipped (later this afternoon!) I plan on getting back to regular blog programming!

In the meantime, if you live in Missouri or are visiting Missouri, try spending a day devoted to making yourself feel beautiful at Spa Nova and treat yourself to some of her awesome services. I mean, with branding so beautiful, she has to be good, right?! 😉

Also, if you need any design work done for yourself…you know who to call!



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