You Always Have a Reason to Smile


I can finally sit down and breathe! The menus are shipped, my eleven mile run is in the bag, and the house is clean…I am definitely ready for the weekend!

Tomorrow I have the end-of-the-season party for my volleyball girls. I can’t believe that our season is actually over…I still feel like it’s August and we just started! Our last game was on Monday, and after our victory I presented the girls with a scrapbook that I made for them.

Throughout the season I gave the girls a few little homework assignments. The first assignment was to write about something that they are really good at. The second assignment was to write about their proudest moment or a time when they did something that they thought would be impossible. The third was to write down five strengths, the fourth was to write about what makes them smile, and the last little assignment was to write down one word that described our team or season.

The little volleyballers completed all their assignments, but each time they seemed a little confused. Why is coach making us do this?

Good question girls.

I would have to say one of the best qualities of our team was that we maintained a positive attitude going into each practice and every game. The girls didn’t put each other down or put blame on each other when we lost. They went into every day with a smile.

However, there are going to be times in life…especially middle school and high school…when people aren’t so positive, when the world seems gloomy, and when a person’s self-worth will be harmed. Writing down the things that you’re really good at, your strengths, will serve as a reminder that you really are awesome…

…and that you always have a reason to smile.

I took all of their words and created a scrapbook page for each of them. The book is residing in the school library so they will always have it there as their own reminder.

I think it’s important for everyone to do this. I challenge you to sit down and write out your own answers to these questions and put it somewhere where you’ll be able to see it and be constantly reminded.



One thought on “You Always Have a Reason to Smile

  1. Aww you are SUCH a good influence on these girls! They are lucky to have you around to keep them thinking positive thoughts – especially important at their age. You are awesome!! And ps. SO creative, I wish I had an ounce of your creativity!!

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