Can’t Make Up My Mind

I woke up bright and early again with dread in my mind.

The temperature? Thirty degrees.

The plan? Two hour run.

I couldn’t put it off because I have plans this afternoon, tomorrow, and Sunday. It had to be done today. In the cold.

Silver lining? At least it wasn’t raining.

I bundled up…capris, t-shirt, arm sleeves, jacket, gloves and headband…tied up my shoes, strapped on my garmin, and I was ready to conquer the cold. Kind of. Mostly I was still dreading it.

After about half of a mile I was acclimated to the temperature and I felt pretty good. I ran my first two miles at a speed I rarely see, but I didn’t expect to keep it up. After three miles the gloves came off. After six miles I was surprised to see that I was still averaging just under nine minute miles. Were these legs mine?

I started feeling pretty awesome. I started thinking to myself that I actually liked running in the cold. (Oh my goodness did she just say that? After yesterday’s post?)

After ten miles I was shocked to see that I was still maintaining a great speed. Then I realized that I could actually set a new personal record on my half marathon time today.

The new plan? Run a half marathon. No more, no less.

I kicked out the last three point one with a sprint to the finish (my front door)…

Final time? One hour, fifty-seven minutes, and fifty-four seconds.

I credit my amazing new hot pink running jacket for this awesome run. And the fact that I now think I love cold weather running!

November goal number two? Check!

November goal number five? I’m well on my way!


P.S. A Friday Affirmation? Yes, please!


8 thoughts on “Can’t Make Up My Mind

  1. GREAT JOB, Angela!! You’ve got a great smile on your face too! I kind of think of it as a love/hate relationship with the cold! Because it’s miserable being out there and cold for the first bit, but then you get going and it’s just freakin’ fantastic!

  2. LOVE THIS!!!! I knew you had that time in you — and I especially love that you went and just kept going today vs. stopping at your planned mileage! I must remember this tomorrow when I’m up and running in the freezing cold! Rock on sista!

  3. You’re pink running jacket is cute! Where did you get it (if you don’t mind me asking)? Great job on the run. You’re so brave, I still haven’t venture to run outside when it’s freezing. =] Keep up the good work!

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