It’s Basketball Season

Well, basketball season has arrived, which means one thing for me.

My husband’s life is now being taken over by about thirty teenage boys.

I’m sure going to miss him.

However, this leaves me with more time for some important goals to achieve. I have plenty of time to waste in the gym…I can even spend my evenings there instead of trying to fit it all in before noon. There is a much different atmosphere in the evenings at the gym…and I find it quite interesting. You see, I workout at the local university, and the early morning is not a popular time spend at the gym if you are a college kid. I mean, these people think an eight o’clock class is early.

So in the evenings, the gym is crawling with excited college girls be-bopping on the treadmills and big-headed, big-biceped fraternity boys taking up all the weight machines. I realize that I am over-generalizing the college atmosphere…but not by much.

I’m not sure if it’s funny or intimidating. Interesting for sure.

However, I just stick the pin in the weight machine at seventy pounds and make bench pressing look easy for a 5’3″ gal. I was pretty proud of those seventy pounds tonight. You boys ain’t going to intimidate little ol’ me!

And with the hubs being gone it also leaves me more time to get creative, do some reading, blog more, and maybe even participate in some fitblog chats again!

As for getting to spend any time with the husband at all? I’m going to have to suit up and become the Panther’s new number one super fan.

No problem there!



3 thoughts on “It’s Basketball Season

  1. …I have nothing to say on the basketball subject…mostly because I’m just as into basketball season as my husband…thanks to my collegiate hoops career…but you’re bench press? Freaking awesome!

    • That’s awesome that you played basketball in college! I really wish that I could’ve capitalized on some sport in college besides my one year playing volleyball in community college. My husband played in college, too, and I really miss going to watch all his games!

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