What is Faith?

Today I feel like I was able to have my own mini celebration.

About nine or so months ago, I would wander around the university bookstore and I would always stop in the same aisle. It was the aisle that had the stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs, along with various other nursing accessories. There was was thing in this aisle that I really wanted to buy. It was kind of silly really. It was just a red and black lanyard keychain that said NURSING all around it.

At the time I was afraid to buy that lanyard. I was afraid that I’d end up with this red and black lanyard that would only remind me of a failure…because I was afraid that I wouldn’t get into the nursing program. How embarrassing would that be?

So I didn’t buy it.

And in March, I didn’t get in…but begrudgingly, I kept the faith.

And today I am enrolled to start the nursing program in January at the University of Central Missouri!

I marched into that bookstore, I pulled that lanyard off the shelf, and I paid for it. It is no longer a symbol of failure, but a symbol of hard work and perseverance.

 And most importantly…that little thing is a symbol of faith.

While I was there, I decided to continue my little celebration with another special little purchase. Why not?!

My very first scrubs!

I really did have a moment when I took that small, unflattering piece of boxy fabric to the fitting room (i.e. public bathroom) to try on. It was a moment of reality…

…I’m going to be a nurse!



15 thoughts on “What is Faith?

  1. What an adorable pic of you in your new scrubs! Congrats to you on getting into the program and just from following your blog for a short while, I can already tell that you will make a great nurse:-)

  2. awww! A post I just had to comment on…my boyfriend is a nurse practitioner and it never ceases to amaze me what he and anyone in this field sees on a daily basis. Kudos for you for diving in and going for it!! You will be great!!

    • That’s awesome that your boyfriend is a nurse practitioner. I’d definitely like to go back once I’m done and get my masters, too! One step at a time though!

  3. Congratulations!!!!! So awesome that you are going back to school to do something that you will LOVE. Your journey to this point has made you such a strong lady and is going to make you one incredible nurse 🙂

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