You know you are a runner when you are going to dedicate an entire post to your toes.

I know what you may be thinking…the name of your blog is My Pinky Toes…so, in a way, shouldn’t we expect to see toes in your posts? Well, the answer to that is no. The name of my blog actually doesn’t have anything to do with actual, real-life toes…they are more metaphorical toes.

Metaphorical pinky toes, of course.

If I am totally confusing you, which is quite likely, just catch up here.

The reason I am going to talk about my toes dates back to August. August twenty-seventh to be exact. My favorite day, aside from July nineteenth. It dates back to the day I ran my first marathon.

It still feels awesome to say that.

And I have to put the word “first” in there because there is definitely going to be a “second” coming next spring. But back to the toes…

One of my biggest fears about the marathon was not the fact that I was going to be running for over four hours across an entire city. No. I was terrified of losing my toenails. I heard it from runner after runner…don’t expect to have pretty little toenails after running your marathonexpect blacks onesexpect them to fall off…I’m not sure which is worse.

Obviously, my toenails were painted hot pink when I ran those beautiful twenty-six point two miles…and they remained that hot pink for a week after the big day. I was too afraid to look what was underneath that delightful color. But eventually I looked, and I was pleasantly surprised to not see anything black and to see that they were all intact.

Soon after, I repainted them a new shade…most likely a different shade of pink.

Then like clockwork, a couple weeks later I took the polish off…only to reveal…one toenail a light shade of gray. Tear. Quickly I covered them back up with a brand new color, and two weeks later I took it off again. This time the toenail was slightly lighter than the rest…like a brighter white. This became routine, and each time that particular toenail seemed a little bit different.

And yesterday I took my nail polish off again, three months and one day after my first marathon, and that poor little toenail came off. Part of me felt really sad. What an ugly little toenail. Poor me. Who’s going to love a girl with (or should I say without?) an ugly toenail. Overly-dramatic? I don’t think so.

But part of me also felt accomplished. I’m a real runner. I lost a toenail. I think it’s time to register for marathon number two.

All very rational thoughts, I know.

Luckily enough time had passed by that a new nail had grown beneath it…and I covered it up with a new color this morning. A holiday red with dazzling sparkles combo. I guess you can love me again now. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Toes

  1. I seriously fear that very same thing! I don’t have the prettiest toes/feet in the world but I would probably shed a tear (or 2 or 3) if I lost a toenail during marathon training! I had no idea they could fall off that long AFTER the marathon was over, even!

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