Fa La La La La La La La La

It’s December. DE. (Fa…) CEM. (La…) BER. (La!) When did that happen?

I must sound silly at the beginning of every month stating the obvious, the fact that time seems to be flying by at a ridiculous pace. But I can’t help it. It’s too true. Time is flying by. My husband is a whopping twenty-eight years old, I am almost twenty-six and a half years old now, Tia is going to turn three and a half at the end of the month, I’m noticing more and more gray hairs each day (all in the same location…thank you Mom), and I think it is now safe to call my laugh lines actual, real-life wrinkles.

But it’s all okay because it is December…which means it’s almost Christmas…which means it’s almost my favorite holiday!


So many of my most favorite memories of family come from this month. My sister and I made up this game called “The Light Game.” At night when our mom or dad would be driving us around somewhere we would each look out the window and secretly count how many houses we saw that had Christmas lights. At the end of the trip when we’d arrive at our destination we would both reveal how many houses each of us saw, and whoever had seen the most would win.

Maggie would always make up a number that was actually a lot higher than her actual count. She always wanted to win…and she rarely ever did. Maybe if she hadn’t purposely broken her glasses when she was a kid then she could’ve seen the houses better. 😉

Normally at the beginning of the month I detail out a list of new goals for the month, but this time I am not. November was pretty awesome…I decided where I am going to attend school, I ran my second half marathon and PRed, and smiled a whole, whole bunch. It’s hard to beat all that.

This month my goal is just to enjoy life. This might entail some running…or it may not. It might call for some creativity…or maybe not. It might mean I will cook and bake a whole bunch…but most likely not. What I do know is that it will most definitely require lots and lots of quality time spent with my family, lots of laughs with my girlfriends, and some lazy snuggle time on the couch with my husband and little Tia.

Which is good, because I’m already planning out my goals for two thousand and twelve, and let me tell you, they’re going to be big ones! Come January I’m going to be a busy, busy gal (and I can’t wait!)

Merry December to you!



6 thoughts on “Fa La La La La La La La La

  1. Can I just say I love your post title! It really made me smile when I saw it in my inbox earlier 🙂
    I’m so excited for Christmas! I love the game that you and your sister used to play, my sister adored Christmas lights on houses when she was little, the more over the top and the tackier the better 😛
    I’m glad you’re feeling so positive and happy at this time in your life, your happiness is actually making me feel a little better!
    And I love your goal for the month – I need to try and make that my goal too, I haven’t really managed that for the past couple of months!
    Merry December to you too 🙂

    • My mom, sister, and I would also just drive around and rate the decorated houses on a scale of 1-10…so fun!
      I think that’d be a great goal for you! December is a great month to increase in smiles and laughter!

  2. Love this goal for December! I’m going to try like heck to “just be” this month. Be more present. Be more content with who I am right this very second. Just live the sh*t out of this month with friends, family and my husband!

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