Happiest Time of the Year Means Time For a Giveaway!

The happiest time of the year is among us, and I wanted to celebrate and show my appreciation for you. I was doing some Christmas shopping over the weekend and I had a great thought. I have shared so much of myself here on this blog over the past several months which has been amazing for me, so I wanted to share some happiness with you!

If you’ve been stopping by this little blog at all for the past few months, you know that I’m a big believer in following your dreams, and I really think that anything is possible. That is why I am so proud of my beautiful mother for starting her own soap business this year. She found something that she loves to do, she made a plan, and she took a risk. I’m extremely happy that she did, because I have probably never smelled better than I do now. This home will never be without a stack of ridiculously delicious soap.

And now, one lucky reader will also get the opportunity to smell magnificent over the holidays because I am giving away a stack of four Soap It Up, Gourmet Soaps By Di! I’m warning you though, you will most definitely want to eat the soap they smell that good. I would probably advise against it, even though they are homemade. Yes, homemade! The soaps make excellent stocking stuffers or little gifts, but you’ll probably want to keep them all to yourself!

There are three very easy ways to enter:

  1. Leave me a comment telling me what is making this the happiest time of the year for you!
  2. Like Soap It Up, Gourmet Soaps By Di on Facebook and leave a comment telling me  you did!
  3. Purchase a Soap It Up soap online (here) and leave a comment telling me you did…(and tell me which scents you picked because I want to know because I love them ALL!) Leave a comment for each soap you purchase!

You have until the end of Wednesday to enter (you must live in the United States…sorry!), and you must leave a comment for each entry. (I know that many of my family members like to read my blog, and I am really, really grateful for that. However, I know that my family also has easy access to these soaps and probably a stack at home already, so I’m excluding family members from this giveaway!)

Merry Christmas from My Pinky Toes and from Soap It Up!!! Thank you for being a part of my blogging journey so far!



21 thoughts on “Happiest Time of the Year Means Time For a Giveaway!

  1. What’s making this a happy time of year for me? More balance with the hubs – his job is no longer in retail which means I get to “keep him” for the holidays and weekends and nights! Plus, he’s following his dream and is teaching which is where he’s meant to be. And that makes me extremely happy, too 🙂

  2. It is happy over here simply because it is the season! We are traveling, celebrating, and just having a great holiday! Thank you for hosting a great giveaway!

  3. Hmmm..this is the happiest time because I get to see friends and family members! There are so many that I miss during the year…it’s so nice to spend time with them during the holidays.

  4. YAY for your mom taking a risk and starting her soap business!!!! (I know that feeling b/c I just started a little Etsy perfume/hair clips business on etsy – Arcadian Designs if you ever want to check it out 😉 so I know that excitement mixed with fear of failing and should you really try it?) I’m the happiest around Christmas because I get to be around my family even more, and mostly though because it reminds me why life is important and what I am here for… because of Christ.

  5. Well, this is a wonderful time of year, but for me summer is the happiest. I love sunshine! but the holiday season is lovely too, especially spending time with family.

  6. That’s awesome! Glad your mom found something she is passionate about and is pursuing it! YAY!!
    Being preggers and enjoying all the bliss of pregnancy during the lovely holidays is making this time the happiest time of year! 🙂

  7. So cool your mom makes soap! I am loving my family and friend’s this year. All the parties and events are making this the happiest time of year!

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  9. Awesome that your mom is following her dreams! My family and friends coming home/being together for the holidays makes this the happiest time of the year for me… can’t wait to see friends that I haven’t seen in months! Thanks for doing the giveaway 🙂

  10. it is the happiest time of the year because of my family!! (this even includes alisen from up above..my twinkie!!) LOVE everyone being in the awesome spirits! plus, after christmas we are traveling to california (for a fam wedding), florida (for a grad school interview..whohhooO!!), and then im heading to guatemala with a surgical team! makes me realize how blessed i am for everything and what a perfect season to be reminded 🙂

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