Starting the Year Off Right, Part Two…

…by hitting the pavement!

If you take a look at my two thousand and twelve wish list, right away you will see that I have some pretty lofty (to say the least) goals that revolve around running. Two marathons…at least one of them sub-four hours…pure loftiness.

While these goals scare me quite a bit…like piddle-in-my-pants scared or I’m-going-to-bawl-if-I-don’t-accomplish-them scared…I’m still super stoked to try my very best to make them happen. With that being said, marathon number one of 2012 is only sixteen weeks away. Sixteen weeks! So, there’s no better time than now to hit the ground running. Literally.

I woke up this morning to complete five and a half freezing cold my-phone-said-it-was-fourteen-degrees miles with four of my favorite gals here in mid-MO…and all done before the sun even came up. That makes a total of nine and a half miles on the week so far, with hopefully many more to come. There’s nothing like a good run with fun people to set a positive tone for the entire day…and to start off a long training season!

I have a rough draft of what my next sixteen weeks will look like, but I haven’t committed completely to the plan yet. Once I start school, get used to my new schedule, and finish tweaking it, I will be sure to share. My plan for right now is to slowly start building my mileage back up, and of course, have fun! Soon it will also include some speed work, Yasso 800s, long long runs, and weight training. I’d also love to add in some yoga somewhere…

Here’s to pure loftiness!



6 thoughts on “Starting the Year Off Right, Part Two…

  1. Ohhh 16 weeks until your marathon, YAY!!!! I can’t wait to see what your plan looks like! Is it crazy that I already created my marathon plan and it doesn’t even start until the end of May?? hahaha I’m ridiculous.

  2. What a great way to start! I’ve gotten in a couple of runs, too. You’re one tough cookie to brave 16 degree weather. It’s 32 here and I can’t find any motivation! Well, that is until I read your post!
    Good luck in nursing school! I’ll keep stopping by.

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