Scary Days

Saturday I did something really scary, but I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

Today was also a particularly scary day for me. It was my first day of nursing school!

It felt kind of strange. It’s something that I’ve hoped to do for so long and work so hard for. But for some reason it just felt like one of those days that I’d only dream about and never actually get to experience.

And today I experienced it. And it was scary.

However, I received the most awesome e-mail last night that made it not as scary. In my panic to prepare for the first day I was scouring the internet trying to figure out how to play a video on taking blood pressure. I took a breath for one second and decided to check my mail, only to be surprised with some words of encouragement from a reader and former nursing student all the way from Florida!


At least through all the panicking, printing of syllabi, e-mail reading, and overall going nuts-ness, my eating habits have been yet again improved in accordance with my New Year’s resolution. Not only am I eating breakfast (even if this makes me have to wake up even earlier than I normally would before going to class), but I’m also eating at least three serving of fruit a day! Deliciousness.

A beautiful green apple makes the day a little less scary.



7 thoughts on “Scary Days

  1. Oh Goodness…you are awesome!!! I can’t wait for you to become a nurse. It will make me feel better just knowing someone in the family can take care of me in my old age!!! You are a blessing to so many. You did a TREMENDOUSLY WONDERFUL HEARTFELT HONEST PURE and MEANINGFUL Job speaking to all those teens. I saw a girl all slumped down in her chair and then when you started to speak she slowly began to sit up taller and taller to see you. I know God used you Saturday to spread great information and HOPE for brighter futures….
    Love you sweet neice,
    Aunt Terrie

  2. You can do this! I get nervous each time classes start up, because I know how overwhelming life is about to get. My classes start this week, too. I’m taking two grad classes while working in the corporate world and it’s not easy, but it’s going to be SO worth it come August. Hang in there girl and enjoy the ride!

  3. Happy first day, you’ll do fabulous I’m sure! 😉 YAY for incorporating more fruits in your diet, I’m working on adding more veggies in mine. Keep up your hard work girl and I’m sure it’ll pay off!

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