The Day My Dress Pants Didn’t Fit Very Well…

…happened to be yesterday.

Don’t you despise those mornings when you pull out the pair of pants that have been sitting in your closet for forever, put them on, and then cringe as you button them. I know, me too.

It was kind of a strange moment for me. The pants fit fine, they just did not very comfortably. Funny how a pair of pants can make a girl feel so many emotions at once. I was confused at first. I know I have been pretty much the same size for, let me think…the past eight or so years! The last time I wore these pants was probably a little more than one year ago. Same size. Huh. Conclusion? The pants shrunk in the wash the last time they were washed over a year ago. Sure. That seems reasonable.

Then I felt kind of sad. Why don’t my pants fit? Sad face. (Or more like pouty face.)

Then I felt ugly. Yes. Ugly. If my pants aren’t comfortable then my hair doesn’t need to look good either. And who cares what my shirt looks like, because I’m sure everyone will just be looking at my hips and gooloo squeezed in here. (Overdramatic, yes. And definitely not reasonable.)

It was definitely a reality check. It reminded me that I need to mindfully play an active role in maintaining a positive body image. Those negative voices can creep in at any time and try to make me falter. My voice is louder.

Then I remember who I was, and I remembered that clothes don’t make or break me. So what they weren’t the most comfortable things in the world, I still looked good so I should feel good. I’m still a confident person. I still love myself just the way I am.

And, of course, I still think I’m beautiful.


I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me all my life and as of lately. I can’t tell you how much your encouraging comments on my blog about balancing school and everything else helps me to keep going. The e-mails I receive asking me how things are going in my life always cheer me up a little…and oddly enough, they always arrive when they are most needed. Every little text, word, smile, hug makes my heart all warm and fuzzy…I’m truly a blessed gal. Thank you.



6 thoughts on “The Day My Dress Pants Didn’t Fit Very Well…

  1. Awww! I didn’t see this post until after our email exchange this morning. I hope my note was one of the ones that cheered you up a bit. You have such a great attitude, it is so infectious and I love that! I’m so glad you turned around that negative self-doubt moment and remembered the rational side of things – which can be SO HARD (impossible, even) sometimes, especially in the heat of the moment. Rock on my beautiful friend!

  2. There are definitely days I just stare at my closet because I think every thing in it makes me feel fat/ugly. Way to pull yourself out of it and remind yourself that you are confident.

  3. Yep, I can relate to those feelings for sure! I just did a post about “true beauty” after I was in one such mood. Yes, you are beautiful and good for reminding yourself so you don’t get sucked into the icky cycle those thoughts can bring about. Have a great week! 🙂

  4. Okay, I have kept meaning to read some of your posts and finally got to one today, and it was this one. You captured exactly how I have felt before in that moment when something doesn’t fit as well as it did last or that you think it will. And how it can all quickly snowball into a bad slew of negative self talk. And you nipped it at exactly the right moment. You felt it, realized what was happening and stopped. Good on you. And I hope you are feeling better now 🙂

  5. I know not all of this post was positive but it was lovely anyway. It was lovely because it was about a shared experience which nearly every teenage girl and every woman has every once in a while, and it contained a wonderful message of positivity 🙂

    I too, regularly struggle with thoughts like this, but I have to remind myself everyday that I have to fight to view myself positively, because, I like everyone else in this world, have the potential to a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you for reminding me of this, I hope you are doing well 🙂

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