Time For Chicago…Kind Of

This week marks the start of training for marathon number three!


Well, kind of. I’ve printed out blanks calendars from now through October, but I’ve only filled in maybe one fourth of the days. It’s always a tricky little thing deciding how I want to go forward with training…do I want to incorporate hills (ummm…not really, but I should), speedwork (heck yes!), strength, cross training, intervals, yassos, and so on and so on…? And by the time I fill in all the days, I probably will change it around a million and a half more times before October seventh. And then I have to consider how I am going to train while I’m on vacation at the beach in July. Where will I run? Will I want to run (or will I want to happily nurse a Corona hangover every morning instead?!) Do I run on the beach? If so, do I run with shoes on or barefoot? What if I’m running and I step on a seashells and cut my foot?

So many things to consider. Clearly all logical.

And as excited as I am to run Chicago, it still feels like a long time away.   Which, at this point, might be a good thing considering that as soon as my right inner thigh finally stopped hurting (last week!), my right knee is now hurting. Is there a correlation here (the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone…the knee bone’s connected to the shin bone…)? So frustrating.

I’m getting old.

So on top of my obviously logical concerns above regarding a training plan, how do I get started? Do I rest a little longer and postpone training to try to get my knee to stop hurting? Do I push through it like I did last summer and hope the pain goes away like it did last summer? Do I make my husband give me leg massages daily until it heals up? Do I yoga more? Stretch more (duh)? Roll more?

Too many questions and choices and decisions to make. All I want to do is run…and start running faster. And strength train…and start getting stronger.

So for now, that’s what I’m going to try to do.



5 thoughts on “Time For Chicago…Kind Of

  1. My vote? Wait a bit until your knee feels better and avoid running for a few weeks. Your body is trained for a full as it is (you just KILLED your last one!) so you won’t risk anything by not running. In fact, I think your body will thank you. Instead, focus on yoga, stretching and strengthening. Then you can go into Chicago training feeling FULLY armed to kick the crap out of 26.2. Also? I vote not to be uber-tied to your training plan while on vaca in July. I have some vaca plans this summer as well and don’t plan to let the training plan rule my life then. Of course, this is my first full and my only goal is to cross that finish line with a smile, but still — I think a wee break from training while vacationing is a good thing. It’s about balance,right? Can’t wait to meet you in Chicago!!

    • Uuuuhhh…I know that’s the smart thing to do…but I just don’t want to!!! I’ll probably just try to keep strength training and test out the ol’ knee next week.

  2. Strength train – good call! As for a training plan, I would be asking myself the same questions! Always harder, I would think, to train for a marathon in the summer around cookouts and vacation etc, but you can do it, of course, one week at a time 🙂

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  4. I have pain in my right knee too!! It’s always been my right knee. I trained for my half, and the pain was usually there at the beginning but when I started running it would go away so I never had to stop. I took 3 weeks off running after the half (i was sick of it and got lazy too) and went for a 3 mile run the other day which was fabulous but now i have so much knee pain and sore. today, tried to run and couldn’t. If you figure out what it is, let me know!! good luck!

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