A Friday Affirmation: Your Arms

I’ve always thought that limbs were kind of weird.

I mean, if you think about it, a human is a body with four limbs. Four gangly, weird limbs.

But boy oh boy, I sure do love my arms.

They let me give hugs as often as I want. They allow me to pick up my princess Tia. They give me momentum to run faster. They give me the ability to lift heavy things. They’re there to let you know that I love you this much.

Have you told your arms that they are beautiful lately? Ever?

Spread them out as wide as you can.

Remember to love your arms that much.



2 thoughts on “A Friday Affirmation: Your Arms

  1. I love this affirmation!! I think picking one body part, ANY body part, and celebrating it from week-to-week is an awesome idea and a great way to keep the positive body image up. I love my arms for the hugs it can give and receive, there is NOTHING more comforting than a hug from a loved one. ❤

  2. Love this! What a fantastic idea! I might have to do this very thing too. I love my legs because they carry me to everyone I adore in my life, and they keep me stable on my runs and in barre n9ne. And they look so much better than they ever used to 😉

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